Super Heroes or Satan’s Supers?

Super Heroes or Satan’s Supers?

YouTube producer Kijani Amariak has matured into a Christian YouTube sensation.  His channel has clocked over 3,678,092 views and rising!  It is safe to say his Channel has been anointed and over 10,000 subscribers will agree.  Kijani is an astute student of the Scripture and neatly weaves current events and Scripture together.

The average person will gain more from his ten to fifteen minute videos than one hour of church!  Not much is known about his private life and I am sure he is not mad about it.  It is apparent he has been given a gift of analysis and spiritual detective skills beyond the consciousness of the average person.  If you read comments on his YouTube page you will find people very supportive, critical and sometime openly hostile regarding his body of work.

Everything is so clear to him and he must get frustrated at other people’s lack of vision.  In his latest video installments he analyzes Hollywood’s trend of mythological movies in conjunction with the barrage of super hero movies inundating the silver screen. Using applicable Scripture from various books of the Bible he provides insight into the Fallen Angels, Gods, Titans and another possible Satanic plan to draw men into polluting their DNA.

It is clear based on his analysis there would be long lines if anyone offered people free super-human abilities. Perhaps, it will be the only way humanity can fight back against far superior opponents?  I could see how easy it would be to accept super-powers, or risk having your head popped off, and your husk drank like a juice-box,  by a giant. Will civilization actually see giants walking the Earth? Will people have to battle giants…again? In the Book of Enoch, it says giants will return!

Kijani has personified the metaphor “be wise as serpents” and “gentle as doves” as he captures both sides of an ancient spiritual battle unfolding before blind eyes.  In the ancient past human DNA was manipulated to the point of horror. This time around, will it appear as a gift? Take a look at the videos and use your own spiritual discernment.

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Michael Erevna

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