Obama Assasination Attempt?

Obama Assasination Attempt?

Obama inherited one of the most challenging Presidencies in history.  If America was a 6 foot subway sandwich (he gained ownership of), it would be a crap sandwich, lettuce, tomatoes, with extra crap sauce.   President Obama has spent his entire Presidency trying to get the people to swallow the remainder of the crap sandwich; but, focus on the lettuce and tomato.

President Obama is getting the “business” from all sides.  The Republicans, the media and some in the Christian community. He has been called a failure and many Christians call him the Antichrist.  I am not qualified to ascertain either. Quite frankly I do not spend enough time in politics or my Bible.  I have seen some compelling evidence,  I call circumstantial,  linking President Obama to “antichrist-ish” type decisions and posturing. I still have my doubts because just about every President before him was considered the Antichrist.

I hope what I am about to write will never ever happen; but, I must express myself in this article.  I will believe President Obama is the Antichrist if he is shot in the head and he survives as did Fifty Cents the rapper. Additionally,  if he continues to speak as well as he does now.

Revelation 13:3

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly
wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.


Other than this he is nothing more than another political puppet dancing to the machinations of the puppet masters. I am very concerned after reading a news story about Farrakhan speaking in Chicago.  It really wasn’t about Farrakhan; however, he revealed some interesting facts. Farrakhan revealed, Andrew Adler, the owner of local publication the Atlanta Jewish Times, suggested Israeli security forces could help preserve Israel by killing Obama.  Call me crazy but a story like this should be major news!

This was not a saturated story in any of the major media outlets. You did not wake up to this story in the news, your morning shows or your ladies on “The View!”  If Farrakhan would have suggested this for any other world leader you would hear it everywhere. Why the “hush hush” media response? Here is the big question: Why was Adler not arrested? He did issue an apology and  inevitably resigned.

Of course Farrakhan fanned the flames of racial hatred while at the same time building a very convincing case for assassination of President Obama.

Near the close of his speech, Farrakhan spent several minutes comparing Obama’s political situation to that of Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated after winning a second term, and suggested an assassination plot against Obama might involve a “patsy,” a person set up to take the blame for a broader conspiracy.

“I believe they want a Muslim to kill President Obama,” he said.

There certainly is a double standard regarding free speech in this country.  I shouldn’t be surprised about the media either. We know more about people who hate Kim Kardashian  than our own President.

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