Is Your TV Watching You?

Is Your TV Watching You?

Is your TV watching you? If you have a new Samsung TV it certainly is!  These new Samsung TVs have built-in cameras where they personalize the watching experience.  The new models have morphed into personal computers and are bundled with an HD camera, a microphone, including face and speech recognition software.

The most troubling revelation regarding Samsung’s privacy features is:  Where are they?  They have yet to disclose what they are.  History with these technology devices have shown us, “spying” is inherent, to all designs.  From the iPhone, to Google Maps, and Windows 7, somebody is doing something  in secret with this technology.

It does sound very convenient for the user’s TV experience. Siting down on the couch and no more hunting for the remote, is priceless! You say NFL games and BAM you are watching your team.  It is very discouraging to know at the same time you could be under surveillance.  This means with an Internet connection all of the above mentioned features could be controlled by a Hacker.  An individual or a Government. I am sure this will open up the market for counter measures. You will be able to install software to block the Hackers, for three easy payments of $29.99.

It seems George Orwell saw the writing on the wall and Samsung read it!


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