The Seafood Is Not Safe!

The Seafood Is Not Safe!

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico of 2010 is no longer a darling of the global media; but, is certainly a silent killer in the bottom of the ocean and coral reefs.  Ask the killifish, deformed shrimp and the dolphins.  The killifish and shrimp are damn lucky if they are born with eyes.  The dolphins are dying in large numbers or are extremely ill. 

Many of the media and President Obama stated the ocean will be better than ever.  This after 4.9 million barrels (probably a lot more than this) spilled and settled into the ocean and covered coral reefs.  Imagine the home of “Nemo” being covered in black toxic sludge and everybody dies or lives to create deformed babies! The ocean is far from better and we have not seen the final effects of this BP debacle. 

We are seeing the beginnings of the collapse of entire ecosystems.  How long do you think the shrimp can survive with no eyes? The predators who feed on them are eating toxic shrimp and this can not be healthy for them.  How can the shrimp reproduce if they can not find their mate? How many other predators in the ecosystem depend on shrimp?  We should see a reduction in the population of those who depend on them.

The killifish are even in worst shape. They are species in Louisiana’s marshes and they are dietary staple many other fish depend on.  They already had a tough time reproducing and keeping their numbers up.  Scientist says they are not worried about the long-term effects; but, I bet the fish are!

Many of the smaller microscopic and larger sea creatures are mutating at alarming rates.  This is just not being shared in the mainstream news.  Take a look at the video below and see for yourself!

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