Best of UFO Sightings: February 2012

Best of UFO Sightings: February 2012

February 2012 was filled with UFO or Orbs around the world.  The only thing that stands out to me about these UFO is they have certainly evolved.  Remember when UFO look like two pie pans glued together? Or a saucer next to a tree or a car?  Now 99% of the UFO sightings are balls of light or as Jerry Lee Lewis said, “Great Balls of Fire.”

Why the sudden leap in technology? Certainly appears they are evolving with the same technology utilized by Hollywood.  Maybe this is absolutely genuine, but, I do not trust it.  Why just fly around like this be seen and then disappear?  The most important element from the UFO perspective is not discretion; but, secrecy.

As we know anything done in secret is never good. What if these are Spirits? They are actually sentient living creatures, coming out before the Shift of Ages also known as the Last Days.  If we are the generation being referenced by Jesus. He said our generation shall not pass before ALL of the signs are fulfilled.

Meaning the Fallen Angels will return in plain view. Perhaps the “alien” propaganda peddled by Hollywood is nothing more than a veiled attempt at shaping the perception of the population.  It has worked has it not?  We all believe life is alien as opposed to understand The Most High clearly stated he created two higher life forms close to Him…us and them.

Anyway I did not want to get to deep into this. I just thought this is an excellent compilation of UFO video footage for February 2012.  As always, you be the judge!



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