2012: Is Biblical Prophecy Almost Fulfilled?

2012: Is Biblical Prophecy Almost Fulfilled?

Will 2012 be the year Biblical prophecy is fulfilled to the point we will experience “The Second Coming?”  Perhaps,  “The Anti-Christ” is such a smooth operator (no need to ask) maybe he or she is already here working and we do not even know it?  Maybe, some do; but, their perspective is not ubiquitous and the rest of us our caught up in the daily grind.

This is one of the most engaging compilation videos regarding various Biblical prophecy being fulfilled in 2012.  Some may think mass animal deaths have always been around and they would be right; however, we are witnessing record-setting mass animal deaths across the spectrum of the animal kingdom.  You may also be interested in one of the most intriguing aspects of the above picture is not the man to the far right removing his wedgie; but, these dolphins are not native to the Peruvian waters!

I have to say for me, the most chilling aspect of the compilation video is the ENORMOUS saucer-shaped UFO recharging directly from the Sun.  Then zipping away like it was filled up after an all you can eat buffet.  What in The Most High’s Holy names was this object?  Who is operating them and how do they not burn?  The Bible says whatever is coming to the Earth is going to blow people’s minds.

We are talking about mass heart attacks and erectile dysfunction for so many men according to the Word. After watching this video you will come to several conclusions.  One is going to be: the Bible is on point and prophecy is easily matched up to current events.  I do not care about being politically correct when I discuss gay marriage (and I am not hating) because the Bible considers it a sin.  People have now turned sin into a socially acceptable life style.  Take a gander at the UFO plugging into the Sun again and consider “they” are on “Team Most High” and when the Earth get’s the “bill” for all of the sins, how are you really going to feel at this moment?

I hope people are taking Yoga so they can kiss their own butt goodbye.  Because when “it” hits the fan, the odds are the man next to you is going to be dead from a heart attack or crying in a puddle of piss with a snot bubble in his nose. It is obvious something bigger in the Universe is going on, bigger than President Obama, Beyonce, or the size of Kim Kardashian’s heiny; but, it does not seem to make the news or the cover off all the magazines you see at the supermarket.  Wake up!  One day you will look up and see a gargantuan army in the sky and hear “Momma Said Knock You Out” in stereo. 

According to the Word it will be too late by then. So get what you get.

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