2012:The Ultimate Zombie Kit

2012:The Ultimate Zombie Kit

This zombie stuff has gotten out of hand, I mean people are making real money off of this.  Let’s face it,  somebody is going to be right.  It could be Hollywood’s perpetuation of zombies or the Biblical rapture where people are left behind.  If many people are left behind then the world will go crazy; but,  will dead people rise? (Actually the Bible says the dead will rise!) Is this really worth a $24,000 investment?  That is exactly what you are looking at above. Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit by OpticsPlanet

This is the type of “kit” where you have to walk into a bank and ask the loan officer for a loan.  Maybe you can refinance your house and take equity out and have this ultimate kit.  It appears many entrepreneurs are profiting off fear generated from the media.  The media are the ones who has perpetuated the myth 2012 is the “end of the world.”  The Mayans never said this, and now they are marketing “Bath Salts” is the zombie maker.  The medical examiner in Florida found nothing but Marijuana in the face muncher’s system.

Something else is going on with this trend and it is not Bath Salts or Marijuana.  So now you can buy an ultimate zombie kit and I am sure you will end up on Federal watch list.  Either as a possible terrorist or just a bat-shyte crazy human.  If there is trouble coming follow the animals.  They have a knack for survival.  If you see a squirrel with an AKA-47 then by all means by this kit or if it goes on sale!


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