The Secret to Spiritual Freedom

The Secret to Spiritual Freedom

True Spiritual power is attainable for everyone, if we can change our thoughts and mirror them from the teachings of the prophets.  Man did not put Spirit in the Bible,  Spirit put man in the Bible.  Most, if not all of the religious institutions consistently provide a menagerie of Biblical teachings; but, lack the fundamental reinforcement of true Spiritual power.

I am talking about having your Spiritual intentions manifest in the physical world.  The first step is removing fear from your mind and this can not be done over night; but, by training your mind over time and to releasing it.  Fear is the internal sabotaging mechanism for any prayer manifesting in the material world. There is a converse reality to every Spiritual teaching. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move a mountain and if you have doubt the size of a mustard seed you have cancelled out your intentions!

Way too much emphasis is placed on ​when ​Jesus will return and who the enemy is and what the enemy is doing.  Or the obligatory catch phrase are you saved?  Or have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior?  Jesus left a blueprint for us to live in the now. Instead of focusing on the future,  program yourself to operate in the Spirit today. What does this mean? That is the million dollar question!

The first step is to analyze yourself and recognize your thought process.  Ask yourself if most of your decisions are based on negativity such as hate, jealousy, resentment, anger, or envy?  All of these responses fall under the umbrella of fear and guess what? All of these emotions first take root in the Spirit world!  You are creating this world around you and by this I mean people, places, and things which carry these e-motions in your life.  I hyphenated the “e” in emotion to clarify emotion is ​energy ​in motion. The fastest energy is in your mind, and the Spiritual plane is the garden. The fruits of the material world are in fact planted in the Spirit garden.

Conversely, if you program your mind with Love to respond to every experience in your life you will prosper. Think about when Jesus was physically dying on the cross he bared no ill will toward has killers!  In fact,  he forgave them and anything else otherwise would have sabotaged Universal Love. Your first love should be the laws of the Spiritual plane because by doing this you become a vessel of the Universal mind.  A mind of Love which magnetizes you  to receive your blessings.

Most of the time people only seek the Universal Love when things are going bad in their life and guess what?  No matter what you have done or how long you have been away, the Universal Love is ​always ​loving you! You know how intensely you pray when you are in dire straits? Bring this same e-motion with you when you seek and pray when things are going good in your life. You do this and I guarantee your life will change.

Going forward recognize anyone sharing fear with you is not helping you but hurting you. Fear can come in many forms and even in religion. Do not worry if you are worthy enough to be loved by Jesus or The Father because they ​always love you.  The question is are you loving yourself? You must learn to passionately pray for your desires and make sure they are are based on love energy. If not the Universal Mind will not respond because the Universal Mind only aligns itself with Truth and Love. 

If any of your intentions fall under the umbrella of fear they will not manifest in the material world the way you intend them.  When you pray,  pray in secret.  Do not share your Spiritual thoughts with anyone. This is between you and the creator and if you do share them with many people you have sabotaged your prayer.  You are allowing doubt to manifest into your prayer through other people. Have you ever had a prayer and shared it with another person and by the time you left you had doubts?

The Spiritual plane needs 100% intention, faith,  and even the smallest doubt will curtail your prayer manifesting in the material world.  This is why you must be aware of who you spend your time with and trust.  The wrong crowd is subconsciously programming you to fail.  Misery does in fact like company.  It is better to be alone then surround yourself with the wrong people.  If you are training your mind to think Spirit first and your “friends” are not,  what is the point of being around them?

Spirit is within you and we all have it.  The voice you hear in the deep recesses of your mind who warns you when something is not right is your Spirit.  It is all knowing and constantly responds with loving intentions for your well being.  Sometimes we listen to it but often times we do not.  All of the tools for success have been demonstrated to us by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and subsequently through many prophetic men on our planet.

In closing,  instead of worrying if Jesus loves you or when he is coming back or when the Illuminati will take over the world,  let it go.  The Blood has already been spilled to save us all.  Why worry about what has already been delivered?  Live in the now and take one day at a time.  Make this day a day of pure intention, prayer and only respond in love.  This is the simple truth for your happiness.

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