2012 Olympics Occult Ritual Breakdown

2012 Olympics Occult Ritual Breakdown

If you have the “eyes to see” and the “ears to hear” and you watched the opening of the Olympics you knew you were witnessing something special.  By special,  I mean you were witnessing an occult ritual releasing dark satanic forces.  It was obvious the theme of this opening “ceremony” had absolutely nothing to do with sports and everything to do with black magic.

Let’s see there were pyramids, all seeing eyes, cauldrons, giant grim reapers and many other motifs all associated with witches, pagan rituals, and the occult.  If you watched it you inadvertently provided your mental energy and emotions to help these rituals manifest results in the physical world.  They need us to make it work.  They need us to watch and freely give our energy to them.

There are too many synchronicities for this ceremony to be harmless and too many direct associations to the occult.  Every ritual is the precursor to nefarious change which will manifest very soon.  We will see mass death, curtailing of freedoms and the destruction of faith in The Most High.  Should it not be a no brainer to people:  If people are worshiping Satan does this not prove The Most High is real?

If you watched the ceremony and you were not disturbed wake up!  None of this was innocent  and there are greater forces at work than what the human eye can see. 

Video analysis of the complete 2012 Olympic Ceremony

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Michael Erevna

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