Woman Gives Birth:Behold a Pale (Baby) Horse!

Woman Gives Birth:Behold a Pale (Baby) Horse!

The Nigerian Tribune (September 13, 2012) – A Nigerian woman stunned on lookers at a prophecy service in Benin City, Nigeria, when she went into labor and allegedly pushed out a foal. For those of you who do know, a foal is a baby horse! Astonishment filled the air as onlookers gasped and the Pastor quickly retreated away from the woman. It is unknown if the foal was born alive because of the fear of a demon coming out of the mother.

There was a nurse on the scene by the name of Veronica Egiebor who provided immediate care for the unidentified woman with two other people. According to her testimony she stated,

The pastor came out and picked this woman and asked if she was pregnant. She replied “Yes.” He said her pregnancy was being off and on. The pastor told the woman she was not carrying an ordinary baby. He said “Do you want to go to a doctor and flush out what you are carrying because what you are carrying is not a baby or do you want it to happen here?” and everybody shouted “Yes.”  The pastor asked four women to donate their wrappers to form like a canopy to cover the woman and asked the men to move back, saying that it was a women affair. He invited me to the scene again. I was there it’s not a story, yesterday (Tuesday), it seemed like a miracle. The pastor poured the same anointing oil and a sachet of water on the woman and asked everybody to pray.  He said labor is going to start now. So she was swinging her body and finally she held somebody’s leg with the cloth, she pressed and she pushed harder and something dropped and she fell. We now removed the cloth to see what she had expelled. “Behold, my brother, I have never seen that kind of thing in my life before. People were calling it goat. But that one looked like horse. The object had long neck, the ears were long. It was exactly like horse, although it was in a baby form. But the pastor said nobody should touch it because it’s demonic. Everybody ran away; I don’t know when they took the woman away.”

I am on the fence about this because it sounds like a publicity stunt.  How did this Pastor know her baby was not human? Who goes to a church service to give birth?  Perhaps, the hope was to gain notoriety and line the pockets of the Church? Let’s wait for the autopsy results and then we can conclude the validity of this incident. 

Not much else is known about the lady at this time. Local horses have been mum on the subject, many whinny and run if a camera crew approaches. We can only imagine if a sex tape is available. We will keep you posted.

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