Los Angeles Man Summons UFOs

Los Angeles Man Summons UFOs

Los Angeles,  California, is now a place where UFOs can be summoned at will or through prayer. I have actually seen this before with a gentleman by the name of Prophet Yahweh out of Nevada.  I few phrases under his breath and wala,  an orb of  light appears in the sky!  It was actually said to be a Hebrew prayer technique he mastered and this looks to be catching on with other believers.  We have not heard much from Prophet Yahweh lately and my friends joked he must have broke his UFO machine.

Now gaining notoriety is Robert Bingham with his own proven method of calling UFOs with a gaggle of witnesses.  He is garnering attention because he does not only predict; but, confidently states the date and location where the UFO would appear.  He has done this on many different occasions and most recently November 4, 2012, outside the Park Plaza. Many UFOs peppered the blue sky while the crowd armed with cameras captured every moment. Many witnesses were flabbergasted how Jose  “knows” where UFOs are going to appear. 

They were popping all around us constantly. We were shocked to see a very very low flying UFO that made absolutely no sound as it passed right above us about 50 yards or less distance.

– Jose Rodriguez

All I can say is I have no answers for this! I am a technically savvy person and other than chem-trails laced with Barium (as the screen) with a projection of the UFO  onto it,  I have no conceptual idea how this could be a hoax.  The only problem is, I have secretly tried the “prayer-to-UFO” technique with no success.  It will be interesting to see more of Robert Bingham and the UFO he summons,  because this is extremely fascinating. 

His predictive sightings also come with a Spiritual warning from other observers.  They say turn to God because these same UFO will deceive the world and they are emissaries of Satan.  I am a bit confused if these are Angels or Demons according to them.  From all appearances he appears to be a humble man and sincere in his convictions.  We shall remember to keep are wits about us and submit to no fear. This is 2012,  fear is out and love is in.

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