World War Z (Coming Summer 2013)

World War Z (Coming Summer 2013)

Word War Z,  starring Brad Pitt hits theaters Summer of 2013, if we are lucky and do not have a zombie attack before then! Is it possible we are creating these realities with our imaginations?  Could the zombie become a reality because we are projecting it into the Universe?  I am only asking these questions because I watched the trailer and I was scared! I locked the storm door and woke up my pit bull.

I have to say this is the most grandiose zombie move trailer I have seen.  The sheer relentless speed and grand mass of the zombie surge is overwhelming.  They looked like the bees in cartoons chasing characters and turning into shapes like an arrow.  The trailer started out calm as Brad Pitt the family man is having a precious moment with his family and then things go berserk in rush hour traffic.  And rush hour traffic is when the worst things happen, like earthquakes, monsters and diarrhea.

Suddenly, Brad Pitt escapes with his family and you see the counter on the screen of 4.5 billion (and rising exponentially) people who have been turned to zombies. You know this is the end of civilization as we know it.  This is not like the other zombie movies when the heroes of the movie are doing flips and are excellent fighters, these are regular people and this whole scenario seems plausible.  Which is why I woke up my pit bull.

Anyway,  without further ado watch it now . . .

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