Kaku Warns of Deadly Solar Flare 2012

Kaku Warns of Deadly Solar Flare 2012

Physicist Michio Kaku,  was a guest on radio program Coast to Coast with George Noory and he warned of a catastrophic solar flare hitting the Earth.  This would have really interested Rik Clay because every 11 years the solar cycle peaks.  Meaning the North and South pole of the Sun flips every 11 years and as a result solar flares are ejected from the Sun.  If these solar flares are project toward the Earth then it disrupts the electro-magnetic grid of the Earth.

The most damaging happened August 28, 1859 which short-circuited communications.  Ironically, the solar maximum is on December 21, 2012 and this ties into ancient predictions for the Earth.  All of this begins on 11:11 (Universal Time) where there is a grand alignment with the dark rift and maxed out solar activity.  We need only to analyze the past to understand the ramifications of a major solar storm.

You will notice Noory did mention December 21, 2012 and asked Kaku about the Mayans December 21, 2012 date yet he did not theorize about this. Which is perplexing because this is the date of the solar max according to NASA.  I wonder why he did not expand on this? It can not be a coincidence ancient calendars captured December 21, 2012 as an important Universal date and the 11 year solar maximum occurs on this same day.

Whatever the case, it can not hurt to have a little food and water stored up for your family.  Please listen to the broadcast and plan accordingly.

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