The Rare Alignment Over Giza

The Rare Alignment Over Giza

Everybody seems to be jumping on the band-wagon regarding a rare planetary alignment and the Pyramids of Giza.  On December 3, 2012, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn will briefly line up over the Pyramids of Giza.  Yes,  this is very rare and the last time this happened was 2,737 years ago; but, what does it really mean?  Where is the ancient footprint of this event?  Most credited and non-credited researchers agree the Pyramids of Giza align with Orion.  So why is the Internet abuzz with this alignment?

I agree planets bombard the Earth with a very subtle energy which effects all life and this could in fact be significant.  This alignment and the correlation to Giza could be a forerunner to December 21, 2012.  What does this mean?  We could see a major earth quake or nothing at all.  The changes regarding December 21, 2012 could all be internal.  As we seek to externalize this date we could all be sorely disappointed.

From a spiritual perspective this could be a sign before the greater sign.  If we look at the life of Jesus Christ he was heralded by the forerunner John the Baptist.  Could we be about to witness a grand heavenly event? All taking place on the stage of Giza.  From an ancient perspective Egypt left the most tangible evidence for the human race to extrapolate theories regarding our future. And based on this evidence the Egyptians were married to Orion physically and spiritually.

Perhaps this alignment is here to draw attention to December 21, 2012.  I have found no ancient text of any kind declaring the importance of this alignment and relevance to Giza.  I too shall be watching and waiting.  Exciting times we are living in and it sure beats cable television.

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