WWII Air Combat UFO Footage (New)

WWII Air Combat UFO Footage (New)

The Nazi regime was big on military technology which would lead to global domination.  They had some of the greatest scientific minds delivering innovation with a dash of ancient technology.  Most researchers are aware of the “saucer” technology utilized by the Germans and even the History Channel includes this fact in their programs.  Now recently released footage analyzed using filters (gotta love Photo Shop) have uncovered high-speed saucer fleets clearly occupying the air space of bombers and fighter planes. 

All of this begs the question:  Are all of these UFO sightings coming from mankind? It certainly appears so! After watching the video you will see silver orbs of light and saucer fleets streaking past the bomber fleets.  This is the same “phenomenon” we see today.  After the Germans lost the war, the Americans took over the UFO program.  They certainly gave most of the former Nazi German scientist jobs in the US. 

Ironically,  UFO movies were produced after World War II and perhaps “they” took a page from the Nazi propaganda machine.  As a result,  most people believe UFOs are from another world,  when we have historical evidence Germany was mass producing them during the World War II. I would not be surprised if they were secretly produced by BMW! There is far too much proof “Silver Balls” also know as Foo Fighters are humanly engineered.

So the next time you see a UFO in the sky or a fleet of them, remember the pilot’s name could be Steve.

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Michael Erevna

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