The Lost Books of the Bible

The Lost Books of the Bible

I had the pleasure of a comment exchange with a recent acquaintance on You Tube.  He is a handsome (if I can say so) well spoken man living in Los Angeles.  He is the one behind the camera ,recording the UFO on demand phenomena in Los Angeles.  I could tell he is a man of great faith with strong convictions on then authenticity of the Bible.  This is what our gentle debate oscillated around and the reason for this article.

I became very curious about a comment he made.  He basically stated the Word has not been tampered with and it would be easy to detect  if it had ( he is right about that part).  It is apparent some people actually believe the Bible has survived thousands of years over many empires, some completely corrupt without tampering.  Furthermore,  they feel, God surely would have stopped this in His great wisdom.  This can not be any further from the Truth. There is irrefutable evidence Books of the Bible were in fact removed.

He seemed to feel if one is searching for and reading these missing Books then you are not trusting the Word of God.  I am not sure how reading Books which were once in the Bible makes you not trusting the Word.  All if this begs a greater question: Why were these Books removed from the Bible?  It happened so long ago people stopped questioning (over hundreds of years) the authenticity and have accepted it as complete.  Did you know there is a 450 plus year gap in the Bible?  Where is the “Word” of this time?  Did God lose his voice?

This is a long time to be missing Scripture and also key Spiritual training and techniques removed from the Bible.  Imagine a Jedi Knight from Star Wars only getting 33% training and then fighting Darth Vader?  Oh, we saw that and Luke Skywalker got his hand cut off!  What is in these hidden Books?  Let’s just say history and Universal Spiritual principles inspired by the purest ancient teachings.  To state the Bible has not been tampered with is denial of the highest degree.  Do you think Satanic forces lack the acumen to operate a printing press?

The bottom line is these missing Books will lead to our greater understanding of ourselves.  They were in fact written to be shared with the world not to be ferreted away and kept in the dark.  I have read the Book of Enoch several times and it does explain visitors from the Heavens and gives them names . . . The Fallen Ones. The current state of the Bible gives Angels a mystique based on the lack of narratives regarding them; however,  if you read the Book of Enoch you will gain a greater understanding of them.

There are many other Gospels missing as well which will give you meditation to God, training, and purifying your intent to manifest your destiny on Earth.  What would the Church do if you did not need the Church anymore?  Jesus said His body was a temple and he would raise it up in 3 days.  All of our bodies are the temple and we need only to go within ourselves to seek answers and guidance.  Most of these Churches seem to keep people in Spiritual first grade their entire life. Do you not think this was by design?  Were these Books removed to hinder us? You will have to figure this out yourself.

The biggest weapon against enlightenment is fear.  And this includes not understanding the history of the Bible.  Reading about Enoch will not harm your faith but empower it. Enoch was one of the few who was taken to Heaven in human form.  He loved Yahweh with his heart and soul yet his Book was removed from the Bible.  Some Christians argue Books were not canonized because they did not consider the men Holy. Enoch not Holy!  It is your job to see how far the rabbit hole goes and I will be waiting down here when you get here!

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