Pacific Rim:GIANT Monsters vs. Robots

Pacific Rim:GIANT Monsters vs. Robots

I had to post this movie at the behest of my 8 and 10 year old sons.  They demanded this be included under the “Giant” category and I have submitted to their demands.  I watched the trailer and said, “Wow! This is like watching Voltron fight Godzilla!” and they said, “Who is Voltron?” with a blank stare. I explained Voltron and they said more like “Power Rangers, Dad.”  However, you look at it, it is a humongous robot filled with two human operators.

The premise of the movie is a dimensional portal at the bottom of the ocean and giant horned face monsters emerge bent on destroying the Earth. They are damn ugly and I would hate to see where they defecate or urinate. It is sure to cost billions to clean up and probably cause cancer.  I think this movie will be a hit with the pre-teen (and me) demographic because it looks really good and since the Cloverfield movie, we have been waiting for a monster movie with better camera work. Also, more screen time with the monsters.

We are guaranteed plenty of action with “Pacific Rim” because the Monster vs Robots scenes are what the movie is all about. In my opinion, the most exciting part is the director, Gillermo del Toro. He masterfully directed “Pan’s Labyrinth” and is a visual architect of breath taking scenes.  The movie will be released in 3D and we have to wait to see the actual release date. In the meantime, take a gander at this . . .

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