Russell Brand vs Westboro Baptist Church

Russell Brand vs Westboro Baptist Church

I have to say after watching Russell Brand handle his own against two Westboro Baptist Church disciples, Steve and Timothy, I have a new respect for him. (Why was there not a disciple called Steve in the Bible? The Book of Steve!) I was quite impressed with Brand’s intellect and demeanor.  Not to mention he speaks the King’s English properly! I was shocked to see this Church represented on his show. This is the same Church that cheers when a gay person dies or protest at a soldier’s funeral.  If I am not mistaken even when some children have died.  They remind me of the movie “Red State” because mixing love and hate is like eating a peanut butter and onion sandwich (yuck).  

As the Westboro disciples enter the stage the crowd is solemn and unforgiving. Russell is very supportive and commends them on having the courage to show up in a hostile environment. They “gift” Brand with a red poster with the words fag, pimp, and Brand with his picture! I hate to say this but I don’t remember any story of Jesus ever being a jack-ass although he road one. These guys emanate such a negative energy and Russell adroitly navigates through the interview with a blend of intellect and humor.

This Westboro Church is not in touch with the Holy Spirit because nothing negative will resonate from it. I think Brand made a very profound analysis when he said:

Have you considered that the Bible like all religious doctrine may be allegorical and symbolic to direct us toward one Holy entity of Love? As opposed to a specific litigiousness text to direct the behavior of human beings.

It is clear the Westboro disciples feel justified to judge, condemn, and send people to hell.  This is everything which is wrong with religion today. Brand raises the stakes when he brings openly gay men to the stage and test the boundaries of the Westboro disciples. They immediately quote Old Testament law from Leviticus. This always confounds me because there are plenty of anti-gay directions in the New Testament (for example see Romans 24).

One thing for sure is people are going to tune into Brand’s show because it is pleasantly confrontational and showcases a host who can handle sensitive subjects while entertaining the crowd.

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