Celestial Mechanics of 2012

Celestial Mechanics of 2012

From a galaxy perspective December 21, 2012 is extremely fascinating because it is the culmination of many grand and grander cycles completing.  Imagine the inner mechanics of a watch and you will have surface understanding of the cycles of completion in the Universe. This includes our solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy.  You will discover Sirius revolves around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. 

There are many celestial bodies aligning in this grand cosmic waltz. The dance partners in the Galaxy marching toward alignment are: the Earth, Sun, Sirius, Alcyone, and galactic center, all lining up after 25, 627 and 255 million years. Why was this so important to the ancient cultures? To carve these galaxy cycles in stone must have great importance. The Mayans considered this grand orbital cycle “one galactic year.”

Next, we will enter the Photon Belt and this is an enormous cloud of radiation. Those of you who have been experiencing 11:11 in your life will be interested to learn this. Apparently, our solar systems traverses through 11.000 years of “night” and 11,000 years of “day”, we are about to complete the night cycle. Now the Photon Belt is where our solar system will waltz through for the next 2,000 years. Is this the origin of the Golden Age from the days of yore?

Let’s recap the completion of the cycles. First, our Sun takes roughly 26,000 years to complete the Precession of the Equinoxes around the Central Sun, Alcyone. Our solar system enters the Photon Belt. Alcyone, orbits around our Father star, Sirius which completes a 225 million orbit around galactic center of the Milky Way Galaxy. All of this happens in less than 6 days! Before we move on here is another 11:11 tidbit as the Earth traverses through space we travel 11,000,000 miles a day!

Now that I have set up the basic key points from the video, please watch it. It is the most comprehensive and easily explained video on Galaxy mechanics in regard to December 21, 2012. After watching, it made me think the galaxy is like a grand electro-magnetic pulse machine and as Emeril Lagasse (the Chef) would say, “BAM!”, we are about to kicked up a notch!

One thing to ponder from a Gnostic perspective is: As above so below. The relationship to the Sun and our planet dictates the seasons. What is the relationship to the Sun and these grand cycles? What will be the new galactic season? How will it effect the Earth. Exciting times we are living!

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