NYC Ferry Crash Links to SANDY HOOK

NYC Ferry Crash Links to SANDY HOOK

I am re-posting this story after posting yesterday and it mysteriously disappeared.  Basically,  the NYC high speed ferry crash has linkage to “The Dark Knight Rises” and this time thankfully no one has died.  At least 70 people were injured, two critically, when a high-speed commuter ferry slammed into a dock near New York’s financial district during rush hour on January 9, 2013.

What was telling was the navigation route started in SANDY HOOK and navigated through NARROWS (the straightway between Staten Island and Brooklyn) before crashing and leaving a deep gash in the dock.  I was immediately interested in the star configuration over NYC at the time.  I loaded the coordinates into the star simulation package and lo and behold! The same star configuration as Aurora, CO, Newtown, CT  and Narrows VA was present at the time of the high-speed ferry crash.

The star configuration over NYC at the time of the accident

How is it possible so many recent tragedies have the same star configuration overhead? There does appear to be a Heavenly component illustrating a pattern for us to see…if you are aware! The Lupis constellation (the dog being slain) represents a blood sacrifice. It was used in the ancient times to sacrifice a slain animal to Zeus. Was this the same star configuration when Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son? I do not know! What I do know is this star configuration at all of the sites seems highly improbable.

Let’s review where we have seen this cosmic witness to other recent tragedies.

Are we to believe these star configurations are extenuating random acts of confluence? Or is there something else behind these murders and accidents? I challenge anyone who asthmatically probability skills to challenge my conjecture, there is a million to one chance this star configuration would be present at so many murders and accidents as of late!

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