Taurus IN Super Bowl XLVII?

Taurus IN Super Bowl XLVII?

Super Bowl XLVII will be shown on Feb. 3, 2013 via CBS and tens of millions of football fans will be tuning into to the show.  Last year, Madonna’s occult riddled performance was the talk of the blogosphere for many months.  She was adorned as a pagan goddess and danced around Sumerian winged-disked and struck poses symbolic of pagan (witch-craft) rituals.

Clearly, these are planned rituals with preconceived outcomes. Most of the world is asleep as this black magic fiesta jumps off and they freely bless this ritual with their energy.  Most likely these rituals are opening gateways where more dark forces can easily manifest in our dimension. 

Learn more about Taurus from Biblical times


This year Beyonce will be the featured artist of the Super Bowl Halftime show and she is no stranger to occult motifs.  Many of her videos are swollen with occult symbols and she has even worn a sequence bustier featuring the Baphomet symbol.  It is safe to assume this performance will be no different.

In my opinion these occult rituals are used to harvest the emotional energy of the crowd and open star-gates where dark forces can enter our world. Sounds crazy?  Well, in the ancient times this was exactly the purpose of these rituals under Babylonian rule.  They are now hidden as “fantasy” in horror movies.

The sign of Taurus is taken as representing the initiating impulse that starts the process of illumination. Taurus the Bull is the great Bestower of Light, who fertilizes the minds of mankind with seeds of light.

Taurus and Jupiter will align over New Orleans at 8:21 pm EST.


So based on the occult track record let’s take a stab at the occult motif of Super Bowl 2013. The theme is going to include Taurus the Bull and the occult ceremony will coincide with the alignment of the Taurus constellation over head.  Here you will see symbols and “booty shaking” to usher in the lighting of mankind’s mind.  The ritual will harvest all of the energy from the people in the stadium to resonate with Taurus; consequently, opening a star-gate.

What is the significance of Taurus?  The gods of Atlantis’ descendents were considered the Egyptian pharaohs which would make them descendents of the Fallen Angels.  This is the connection to the star constellation Taurus and as you know the Golden Bull was worshiped in the Old Testament as Baal. The Bull which is the ancient Phoenician, Semitic, Baal or the Canaanite Molech of Bohemian Groove which required child sacrifice and always requires a blood sacrifice.

This star-gate appears to allow conscious energy to freely flow into our dimension, further influencing our decisions in the Earthly realms.  We have clearly become a culture of compromise and tolerance for every lifestyle in total subversion of The Most High’s will.  The new mantra is: Who are you to judge what is right or wrong? And this is certainly true, but if you use the Bible as your moral compass it is immediately devalued as “old-school” or man wrote it.

While these occult practitioners coordinate occult activity with star-gates and channel dark conscious energy into our world, we have been conditioned to not believe there is Super-Conscious Being sitting on a throne highest above all. We have celebrated our own intellect as omnipotent and we are merely fleas on a dog’s back.   Year after year, occult costumes fill the Super Bowl Halftime Show airwaves and we accept this “show”  as entertainment.  If you were to research the ancient times you will see this is nothing more than same conflict between The Most High and Satanism.

The Ancients referred to star-gates as “Astrea Porta.” They have also been referred to as the “Ring of the Gods”, “Portal”, “Doorway”,
“Circle of Standing Water”, “Stone Ring”, “Gateway”, “Annulus”, “Ring of the Ancestors”, and “Circle of Darkness.”

The sad part of this equation is whenever a Nation turns their back on The Most High that Nation falls.  The USA is the perfect case of serving two masters.   Some still honor the Spiritual laws The Most High laid out while others have become lukewarm Believers who support every new pop-culture subversion.   The irony is the occult practitioners are certainly honoring their gods in plain view while brainwashing the masses to join them!

In closing, let us see how accurate the Bull motif will be incorporated into this year’s Halftime Show.  Many people will probably unwittingly participate in a Taurian ritual.  We can expect the Taurus constellation overhead while certain ritualistic dance moves unlock the star-gate to the hyper-emotion of the crowd. Later the rest of blogosphere will dissect this Halftime show and truth will be laid out.  The question is when the people will wake up and fight back?

UPDATE – 1/30/2013 11:36 AM EST We just learned Beyonce’s music video “Run the World (Girls)” does in fact flash a bull in it for one second! The bull is flashed 19 seconds into the video and not to be seen again. It has no true congruence in the video and it is subliminal at best. Because of the pageantry of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, will Beyonce ride a Golden Bull out to the field? We have no way of knowing until the show but after Lady Gaga sang “Judas is my demon” at the Second Inaugural private show for Obama, the gloves are clearly off.

See the bull flash in the video at 19 seconds into the music video

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