Satanic Mechanics of the Washington Monument

Satanic Mechanics of the Washington Monument

The United States of America was allegedly built on “God we Trust” yet the Washington, DC landscape is riddled with pagan statues and architecture. This was long before America became a melting pot of different religions. We are talking about ancient Egyptian edifices being erected in Washington, DC as late as 1885.  How can a “monument” directly linked to an ancient culture which was so pagan and occult oriented, where The Most High was driven to remove His people from this culture?  Why rebuild a monument that was linked to another god?

Masonic architecture and occult technology


Is this more than merely a monument? Perhaps there is a hidden purpose and the best way to hide something is in plain view. The Washington Monument was designed and constructed by Freemasons (Robert Mills and Pierre L’Enfant) and as you know (if you have not heard then catch up) this organization was infiltrated by the Illuminati (1776) with precepts based on global domination and Satanism. President John F. Kennedy spoke about this covert organization 7 days before he was murdered. Buildings, statues and monuments of Washington, DC were designed to align with stars, planets, and energy grid points of the Earth.

“When the megalithic builders designed these great structures & then built them, in such a way as to further concentrate those earth energies, it suggests they understood what they were doing and it looks as if they were attempting to control and use this energy for their own purposes.”

– John Burke, Biological Engineer, BU

I do not want to focus on the Freemason connection because there is a plethora of information available on them. Let’s focus on the Washington Monument and its true purpose.  The Washington Monument is erected two-hundred yards from a 7 vortex Ley Line.  What are Ley Lines?  They are the Earth grids and vortexes where energy sources can be harnessed to direct energy.

Background and history of men connected to the Washington Monument


At the center of the Earth is a giant crystalline magnetic rotating ball and energy is released and channeled throughout the Earth’s Ley Line system. The Ancients harnessed this energy using natural conducting material like limestone and granite. They located the Ley Lines much like the dowsers of today. Ley Lines release a subtle yet powerful energy when channeled and used in conjunction in an ancient Masonic system.

A 7 vortex system means this particular Ley Line system is amplified 7 fold and will project the channeled energy out into a further radius. Additionally, when amplified in conjunction with certain star configurations and planetary perigee the energy is “super-charged”, which enhances the effects.  This is an ancient astrological-earth-energy science which has been suppressed from the majority of the human population in order to wield it against us.

See more obelisk around the world

As you know when people keep secrets it is used to hide the true purpose. What is the true purpose of the Washington Monument?  It is to spread a subtle magnetic field to influence the morality of those caught in its field.  What better place than where it can effect the people who make and enforce the laws of this country?  We are seeing more and more laws which erode the morality of the country and the constitutional rights of the citizens. In order to do this The Most High must be removed and blended with all religions. If moral ramifications are raised against behaviors (including lifestyles) they are considered prejudicial! The current defensive response is to say — stop judging, hating, and/or Bible thumping.

You have heard; look at all this. And you, will you not declare it? I proclaim to you new things from this time, Even hidden things which you have not known – Isaiah 48:6

More importantly we have seen a very subtle shift to “Do What Thou Wilt” which is the number one law of Satanism. To live your life without Godly inspired laws — a life without judgement, consequences, or constraints. This Washington Monument is a natural cosmic accelerator (or electro-magnetic pulse generator) to fuel this agenda. We are seeing a world where people of been deceived to support Satanism. Are we not our own gods now where we write are own laws and change Biblical law without regret nor consequence?

The Bible does not support the homosexual lifestyle yet gay couples can now marry in the National Cathedral. I am not saying gay people do not deserve rights and health care at all.  I am saying the God of the Bible considers it unnatural and His Word actually condemns it.  To marry in defiance to His Word and in His Church is not going to end well. Why couldn’t gay people have all the benefits of marriage without involving The Most High who does not support it? Why did the Government decide to combine homosexual marriage with the Bible? They surely had no problem finding solutions to separate Church and State!

Let’s get back to the Washington Monument and how it has a dual purpose as a “monument” and a receiver/transmitter.  First, it is no mistake the design is a giant antenna. The infrastructure is designed of iron which when supplied an electronic current turns into a giant magnet. Also it is constructed using marble and granite.  The granite can be magnetized in conjunction with the iron and the 7-vortex Ley Line you have a natural giant magnet.

The AMPLIFIER of WASHINGTON, DC: A gigantic generator and amplifier (Source)

What kind of effect does the magnet have on the human brain?  MIT scientists have shown magnetics can alter our moral judgments simply by magnetically interfering with a certain part of the brain. Transcranial magnetic stimulation can impair the brain’s ability to make moral decisions based on another person’s intentions. This was discovered by our scientist in 2010!

News report on the MIT discovery on magnetics and moral choices


Let’s take a look at the alignment of the Washington Monument with Capital Hill. By looking at the model above you will see the Washington Monument is perfectly aligned with Capital Hill.  Take notice of the “bell” shaped dome of Capital Hill, and silently reflect the purpose of a bell. Do you get it? It is designed to resonate with the mind-altering electro-magnetism it receives from the Washington Monument.

Telsa coils pull energy right out of the air


Let’s see who is being influenced by this ancient mind altering configuration — Capitol Hill’s landmarks include not only the United States Capitol, but also the Senate and House office buildings, and the Supreme Court building. These are the same men and women who regulate our National moral code who are being secretly influenced to alter their own moral compass!  Is this why we are seeing liberal laws chip away at the bill of rights and moral fiber of the country in decline?

Declaring the end from the beginning, And from ancient times things which have not been done, Saying, ‘My purpose will be established, And I will accomplish all My good pleasure’ – Isaiah 46:10

These ancient monuments have been rebuilt from the ancient times on Ley Lines, to power them to influence the USA to lose morality and turn away from what is good.  This was the same science supplied by the ancient gods of the time, to use and control the people while implementing their agenda.  It is no mistake this pagan architecture was rebuilt in plain view.  As long as evil exist these monuments will exist.  As long as the people sleep these monuments will stand and as long as they do Capital Hill will be morally bankrupt. The next question is: How many people are being affected in the surrounding area?

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