Propaganda Game:Injustice Gods Among Us

Propaganda Game:Injustice Gods Among Us

More gaming propaganda for the youth of the world and this time humans are no longer people with extraordinary abilities, they are (ehem) gods!  This is the title of Warner Brothers Gaming Division game coming soon called “Injustice – Gods Among Us”, and you clearly see the evolution of the perception of comic books.

They are more than human and greater or equal to Jesus Christ themselves because now they are gods! How Bruce Wayne can be considered a god is mind boggling. He is just a super-rich dude with a major psychosis to traipse around town in a “bat-suit” administering justice with high-tech gadgets.  Clearly, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates could have been Bat-Man at night as well.

What we are seeing is the evolution of perception regarding what a god is defined as. Gone are the days you must be a King of a Spiritual Kingdom but can be a person having a genetic mutation to possess super abnormal abilities.  Because these “gods” have these abilities they can decide the fate of the Earth.

In my day they were just called “super-heroes” and the dichotomy of being a super hero and human (with secret identity) required great responsibility while carrying a serious mental burden.  Now the adjective “super-hero” has been shelved and replaced with a new title — god.

We are being conditioned to accept humans with extraordinary abilities as gods under the guise of gaming. Is this harmless? I am not sure. Am I buying it — most likely. For research purposes and it looks awesome; however, I am painfully aware of the subconscious manipulation of the concept of what a god is. 

Notice how they never put Jesus in a game? Because he would turn them all into watermelon seeds with a thought. Where is the fun in that?  If Superman knew Jesus was after him he would probably leave the Universe. Where are the awesome games with Spiritual teachings or showing the war in Heaven where the Archangel Michael pimp slaps Satan and his followers out of Heaven.

We are constantly inundated with normal people involved in accidents or “born this way” powers. If you really think about it, nothing is normal about being a super hero. Take the “Flash” for instance. He has to eat 85 pizzas in one sitting to keep his metabolism going. How does he get paid? Yet, he is a god!

My point is let’s be careful what we accept as possible because one day if this reality is presented to us, we will say this is plausible because of the conditioning. There is ONE God, Son and Holy Spirit and they do not need 85 pizzas for breakfast.


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Michael Erevna

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