Pope Benedict: When Doves Cry

Pope Benedict: When Doves Cry

Pope Benedict announced he is officially stepping down as the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  Although this is odd and has not happened in 600 years we should not be shocked. It appears the Church is in a legal pickle and hate saying the word pickle and priest in the same sentence. This appears to be a preemptive legal move especially since the Pope said he is basically going into hiding.

Pope Benedict’s blooper reel and Spiritual signs

Apparently, the Pope has been protecting pedophile and child rapist priest over many years while mentoring Darth Vader. (Oh, I am sorry that is a movie where his doppelganger plays the evil emperor.) Also,  there is evidence including a paper-trail linking him to these crimes. There are criminal and civil implications and moon walking out of legal jeopardy seems rather clever.

The last Pope stayed in office until he died.  When you become Pope you are supposed to die in office. It is like the mafia says: “Once you are in there is not getting out!”  The Vatican does not care if they have to tie strings to your appendages and work you like a marionette!

The Spiritual meaning of the dove and the seagull

The bigger story appears to be the lesser known Spiritual signs surrounding the Pope and his blooper reel.  Soon after the Pope announces he is stepping down, the Vatican dome is struck by lightning.  Years earlier, the Pope released two doves to represent peace in the world and one of the doves is attacked by an angry bird — a seagull.  We can’t make this stuff up. Sometimes doves do cry.

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