Beyonce Super Bowl Show: Future Map Disaster?

Beyonce Super Bowl Show: Future Map Disaster?

Watching Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance raised many questions after further analysis of images incorporated into her ritual. One in particular vexed me because I knew I had seen this image pattern before.  In the beginning of the performance she laid next to an image with a high heel on it. She took special care not to cover it up but to lay next to it.  Some thought it looked like a thumb print and then it hit me.

What I was seeing I learned in Basic Training in Fort Knox, Kentucky from the map reading course.  This is exactly how topical views of terrain look.  The image Beyonce used was made to look like a high heel shoe and this throw us off. If you carefully look at the image you can see it is not human. To lie in this position is extremely uncomfortable and does not make sense.


Take special note of the colors used


What was the real point of this image being used and her laying next to it?  It was quite strange and what was the so-called artistic interpretation of it? You figured as the “star” attraction she would lay in the center of it, not beside it.  This geographical location need to be empowered as part of the ritual.  What we can expect is a geographic location possibly in the US to have a major disaster relatively soon. 

“If the map is there, you must compare”

I decided to try and find a match based on potentially targeted terrain in the US. I am familiar with the work of YouTube producer Jonathan Kleck and his continued warning the Hoover Dam will be a disaster target.  I found a topical map of the Hoover Dam and I did find a similar match. Perhaps, it was necessary to bind this location with the dark forces spoken about in Ephesians 6:12?

After Beyonce’s ritual we have seen interesting global developments like Pope Benedict stepping down and this could be the beginning of the Sorrows. Soon after Beyonce’s performance, witches seemed to be pushed higher into the spotlight. Oprah (who renounces Jesus to a New Age agenda) illuminated their path by featuring not only Beyonce but Lady Gaga on her show. Giving a syndicated voice and influence to women who openly incorporate Satanic symbols and clothing into their act.

If I am wrong about the Hoover Dam and I could be, it definitely represents another location. We will know after the disaster scenario unfolds. We need only to match the topical view of the terrain to the image featured in the center of Beyonce’s high heel image. This should be the nail in the occult coffin.  I am all about bringing back witch dunking and we can get a sponsor like Dunkin Donuts. Sounds crazy? If we can water board a terrorist we can dunk a witch!

People will argue Beyonce believes in God, well so does Satan. People say Beyonce speaks of Jesus but even Satan masquerades as an Angel of Light. We should not be so concerned about what people profess with their lips but by their actions. By this I mean how they dress, gestures, jewelry and associations. Because actions speak louder than words!

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