Royal Families, Mummies and Clones (Oh my!)

Royal Families, Mummies and Clones (Oh my!)

After watching Beyonce possessed with an entity transforming her into a “black-eyed” demon while dancing and making faces like she had the worst case of hemorrhoids (or IBS) in Super Bowl history, brought me deeper into the rabbit hole. If we are to believe Ephesians 6: 12 (which I do) is authentic and happening all around us we must accept the possibility of a large scale possession. If a demon can enter Beyonce then why not someone else?

Cloned influential people and some theory of others (Look past spelling errors!)

* We do not agree with some of the video but some is quite compelling, you decide

Let’s consider the possibility the true reason for mummification practices of the ancient civilizations was to keep the DNA intact. They knew in the future they would be able to return because the royal blood-lines were partnered with The Fallen Angels.  This was a partnership between flesh and dark spiritual entities.  This is why just about every artist, entertainer and President is somehow related to each other. Just about anyone can be demon possessed but these elites can “bond” with their entity.

Californian’s genealogy project links majority of commander-in-chiefs to Magna Carta signer.

12 year old girl discovers Presidential blood-line

Exactly, how many mummies have been recovered? Many avid giant researchers are constantly identifying old newspaper articles stating giant human remains have been uncovered only to be ferreted away by the Government and never seen again.  Perhaps, the elite’s plan was to have eternal life on Earth and always remain elite?  One thing is for sure, in my research, I have not come across a broke-ass clone candidate!

Clones always appear to have been world leaders, influential artist, or even blue-blooded Pharaohs. Many skeptics believe our present world is more advanced than the Ancient Egyptians. It is believed the “Super Power” America is far more advanced than Ancient Egypt ever could have been. So basically people are saying the American dynasty of 236 years is far greater than a dynasty of Ancient Egypt which lasted 3,000 years! Scholars are still trying to figure out how the Pyramid of Giza was constructed!

Learn more about cloning humans today

If we are to believe the Spiritual archeology of Ancient Egypt, it became corrupted by “gods.”  It is believed (and debated) the current location of Egypt was not the origination of Egypt.  It was 500 miles (or so) south west of the current location and it was called Khemet. A corruption takes time and even a corruption has a beginning. Over a thousand years The Fallen Angels infiltrated Egypt and this part is debatable, but either 64 gods or 2,000 or 8,700 which they also demanded to be worshiped!

Queen Elizabeth is a descendant of Hebrew Egyptian blood-line of late Dynasty Pharaohs

According to The Book of Enoch, it stated various arts were taught to mankind including science, magic (Universal Laws) and sorcery. It is plausible these Ancient Egyptian elite blood-lines were instructed to mummify themselves so their bodies would always be available at the right time. The Fallen Angels needed to be human in order to influence the masses in plain view.  How is it possible so many people of influence are related? Even President Obama is related to Dick Cheney! This is not a coincidence and Obama is no different than Bush, regarding his blood relationship to prominent people.

Book of Enoch names the Fallen Angels

All right, now that I have set the proverbial table for the “Craziest Theory Ever”, let’s delve into this ancient conspiracy.  This mummified DNA is harvested and cloned to use according to the ancient plan.  Some people are cloned and allowed to stay as actors while some are cloned and stay world leaders or military advisers. There is even a “class” system with Angels and some are more powerful than the others. Why would the cloning hierarchy be any different?

Isaiah 46:10 – declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done, saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose,’

It stands to reason the Pharaohs would always be the most important clones and upon return they would placed back into power.  The blood is a very important unexplored element of possession. Why is it so imp0rtant to keep the blood lines intact? So many royal families intermarry in order to keep the gene pool pure; but, pure for what? This is the real question is it not? They have a Spiritual plan they follow as well and if it was a plan according to the teachings of Jesus Christ this world would be of peace and love. Clearly it is not.

Dumped fetuses could be the product of cloning

Based on our knowledge of the gods of Egypt we know there are either 64, 2000, or 8,700 clones on the Earth. These clones can easily be inserted into a surrogate mother and birthed just like you and I.  The only difference is one day they can be possessed and partnered with a dark Spiritual entity. It is here a dark Spiritual agenda can easily span over thousands years directly affecting human affairs.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” ~ Plato

We have seen entertainers who willingly share their bodies with demonic entities and they receive great fame and fortune. Perhaps, they are chosen because of their blood-line or there is an “Eyes Wide Shut” type ritual where the “artist” agrees to share their body. Now they can act as dark Spiritual conduits in concerts like Madonna and Beyonce. It is this way they are used to harvest human energy and open star-gates and portals of anciently known star configurations. Is this why they are said to have star-attraction?

You have to give it up to the Satanic Kingdom it is a good plan to implement while the people sleep. You also have to understand the level of commitment and effort it has taken to fight “The Most High.” This has been an ancient plan unfolding over time and where there is smoke there is fire.  So the next time you are standing in line in Starbucks you could be right next to a clone. Enjoy your grande-skinny-vanilla-latte.

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