Biblical Iron, Clay, and Iron Man 3

Biblical Iron, Clay, and Iron Man 3

If you are a true blooded original Star Trek fan you see many of the futuristic gadgets part of our popular culture today from the Star Trek days. I actually had a pair of Star Trek communicators as a child that operated as walkie-talkie! Nextel was one of the first to make a flip cell phone which looked almost identical to the Star Trek communicator. The flat screen television is also a common staple in homes across the world. We have weapon systems that mimic the Star Trek technology as well.

Iron Man 3 – The latest installment in the Iron Man franchise

Now we are seeing Iron Man and the evolution of his body armor is now integrated with his mind! We are seeing the social conditioning of removing the ethical barriers of blending iron and flesh. There is a subtle Orwellian capability with melding software with the human brain. I am sure there are life saving applications for technology integration with the brain to aid in the of control seizures, etc.

We also see Tony Stark wearing a much sexier pair of “Google Glasses” but therein lies more conditioning of improving our lives with technology. We must make sure to not blindly accept anything as pure entertainment anymore. There is always a dual psychology to Hollywood propaganda. Iron Man was always one of my favorite characters because he was a regular human with pure genius intellect and a Steve Jobs bank account. We can all relate to that, right?

Daniel 2 – 43 As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle with the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay.

On a side note, I thought Ben Kingsley was a horrible choice for the Mandarin because his character is from China. From a cinematographers perspective they are losing the picturesque back drop of China and the rich ancient culture of the Chinese. There is another reason Ben Kingsley was chosen and I am sure other researchers will figure this out.

I have seen an interesting analysis of the Iron Man 3 posters by a YouTube producer who sees things like the little boy in “The 6th Sense.” He is able to identify shapes, images, and patterns related to prophetic books of the Bible. His analysis of the poster fits in with much of his previous research and presents the case the Satanic Kingdom is always in plain view but rarely consciously identified by the masses.

Analysis of things hidden in the Iron Man 3 poster related to the Bible

Will all of this stop me from seeing this summer blockbuster movie? Uh…no way Jose! I will be at the movie when it is released because I was a comic book geek as a child. I just will enjoy and understand what I am seeing in both realms, the physical and the Spiritual. Keep your eye on all of this technology because by the time the general public is being introduced to it, the elites have perfected and used it for decades.

Cloned animals have hundreds of abnormal genes, which explains why so many of them die at or before birth

You will see a string of iron/flesh movies in the future because this is the future host of the elites. You see, the human cloning process is flawed and there are always issues with the clone’s body. They can make them but they do not last long. This is why some people look slightly different over time but it is the same person/entity inside.

Movie about transferring human consciousness into a robot. No more death!

Trying to be like The Most High is not being The Most High! Mixing iron and clay seems to be a better suited host for the elite and The Fallen Ones. You need only to live long enough to see it. Their plans are telegraphed in the movie industry so you always believe it is science fiction. In reality, it is real as the sun shining on your face. How do we know? Because the Bible tells us so. Think I am lying? Read the Book of Daniel!

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