Living La Vida Locust: Biblical Obama Sign?

Living La Vida Locust: Biblical Obama Sign?

President Obama is in Israel and his presence is ruffling more Biblical prophecy feathers. I am not sure this time if this one sticks because although it looks like the ultimate locust rave palooza has happened before in 2004.  Also, the Israeli Agriculture Ministry has graded the size of this particular invasion as medium; however, it was reported over 2,000 feet of desert was covered overnight!

Miriam Freund, director of plant protection in the Agriculture Ministry, called it a “medium-sized swarm” and her office set up a hotline for farmers to call in case they see it advance.

We will have to wait and see after the locust depart to assess the true nature of the damage and then compare it to past crop damage. Right now some farmers have come forward and stated between 30% to 50% of their crops have devoured by the locust with the munchies. Because of President Obama’s presence this locust invasion is being compared to Biblical plagues from the days of ancient Egypt.

Is this the abomination (Obama-nation) of desolation?

What does have prophecy researchers and watchmen up in arms is the ice sculpture likeness of Obama. It was created in his image at the Old Railway Station just one mile from the Temple Mount, also it is 666 meters from Mt. Zion. Personally, after careful review of President Obama I do not think he is Satan. Perhaps, he could be the #2 or #3 in the Fallen Angel hierarchy.

Locust swarm accompanies Obama to the Holy Land ahead of Passover

When Satan returns in plain view he will be more like Superman. He will be able to do amazing things that will astonish the world. Obama has not done this at all. Although the media and celebrities have created the aura he is “The One”, I see him more as the John the Baptist of the dark forces. What did it for me was listening to his “Yes, We Can” speech backwards, where he says, “Thank you, Satan.” If was Satan, should he not say, “Thank you, me?”

I could be wrong about this thought process and I am open for correction. Please feel free to put me on the right track if I am not on it!

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