Are These the Demons of Beyonce?

Are These the Demons of Beyonce?

So I have been streaming my YouTube videos directly to my 55′ inch plasma television through my X-Box. It is nothing less than awesome to comfortably lay on the couch and peruse through your favorite YouTube video producers. I decided to take another gander at Beyonce transforming (by demon possession) at the Super Bowl while head-lining the prestigious occult ritual Half Time Show.  To see this on a larger screen was so much better.

“I have out-of-body experiences (on stage). If I cut my leg, if I fall, I don’t even feel it. I’m so fearless, I’m not aware of my face or my body.”


I paused the screen, took my cell phone out and snapped a picture of Beyonce, when her eyes turn pitch black like a demon possessed person in a movie. From this vantage point I realized she reminded me of a grey alien. I imported the picture into my graphics software and began to remove Beyonce’s hair — don’t be mad at me, her hair is not real.  What I was left with reminded me of a grey alien!

Notice the similarities between Beyonce’s transformation and the grey alien?

This whole “grey alien” media campaign was nothing more than propaganda to change the Fallen Angels or demons into extraterrestrials from another planet. “They” have been here the whole time and never left. Why is Beyonce looking very similar to a grey alien during her transformation? Has her DNA been altered? Only the DNA could be changing her appearances. You need only to look at the reptile, the chameleon, to understand how this works.

Cases of people stopping alien abductions by naming Jesus

For over a decade there has been Internet chatter of a grey alien hybrid program. Allegedly, babies were taken from their mother’s womb and never seen again. Did the Fallen Ones perfect this process? I tell people all of the time, these UFO which look like balls of light, never land because they are not physical. Whatever the case Beyonce surely appears to be taking on the characteristics of a grey alien.

Introduction to Dr. David Jacobs on alien abductions and hybrid program

Consider the Hollywood propaganda of “Close Encounters of The Third Kind”, aliens were presented as super-advanced beings, who agreed to rendezvous on a mountain top (sound familiar?) with the people of Earth.  The humongous mother-ship lands on the mountain top and exchanges abducted humans for humans who willingly want to leave the Earth. These humans who go leave their friends, family, and life on Earth. The whole alien experience was made to be quite seductive.

“Close Encounters of the Third Kind” the landing scene

This was the blockbuster movie which introduced the world to the reality of the grey aliens. They were depicted as kind and loving to the people of Earth, the tall grey even smiled before leaving. This movie was used to psychologically brainwash the masses of the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

The movie “Avatar” could be a sign the demonic world have inserted their DNA into compliant humans and can now control them just like in the movie. Are the grey aliens comfortably lying  in a hyperbolic life support system while possessing the human target from afar?  If thoughts are nothing more than (wave or particle) energy does the energy hijack cause momentary interruptions of the host DNA during transformation?

Perhaps this type of technology was made for us?

Beyonce’s on-air possession is evidence of the success of the dark spiritual forces. They have mingled themselves with humans and can manifest at will now within their host. The host momentarily takes on the characteristics of the grey alien before absorbing the physical changes. After the transformation is complete the grey alien moves from the subconscious to the conscious. This is why Beyonce will not remember what “she” is doing during a possession. It still does explain her fascination with the Baphomet sigil or jewelry she adorns herself with, does it?

We are better off knowing who the enemy is spiritually and physically.  The uncanny resemblance between Beyonce and the grey alien during the morphing phase of possession is evidence of a connection. The above picture has not been doctored in anyway and the only editing is the removal of her fake hair. There are obvious changes to her bone structures as well as the teeth and eyes. Hollywood makes demons look like this because they know demons look like this. If you ever run across a grey alien, whoop that trick, in the name of Jesus.

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