Kim Kardashian: Crazy, Bloody, Fool!

Kim Kardashian: Crazy, Bloody, Fool!

Thought you have seen it all? Well, no you have not, if you are not aware of the new procedures to stay young. This hardly touches the claim of Lady Gaga bathing in human blood! At least Kim Kardashian is using her own blood and not soaking in a tub of it! Here is the exact procedure, doctors draw blood from the arm, spin out the platelets and then apply the blood onto the via tiny needles.

Kim Kardashian blood facial by Mark Dice

This is actually nothing new to the media it is only gaining attention again because of Kim Kardashian. Two years ago ABC News ran special report on this (Vampire Facial) emerging skin care procedure. It is called Selphyl and it is basically “filler” injections using the person’s own blood! It allegedly works and last about 15 months! So as you can see nothing is new here. This is just plain old vanilla public relations gone wild.

“I love trying anything that makes you look and feel youthful”

Now let’s talk about what this really about. It is about pride and narcissism! Kim Kardashian is a woman who appears to be Spiritually bankrupt. She catapulted to fame based on a “leaked” sex tape that was brokered by her own mother! This woman is the epitome of shallowness and materialism without a Spiritual compass to navigate her life. 

Deuteronomy 8:14

Your heart will become proud and you will forget the LORD your God.

When is this last time you heard Kim K. even speak of God? She is caught up in fame/fortune and refuses to seek the Kingdom within. It is really sad to see so many “stars” who are just lost in space! We are now living in a time when a woman’s blood facial is synonymous  with wealth and beauty. These procedures cost over $2,000!

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