Beyonce and Rihanna Share a Demon?

Beyonce and Rihanna Share a Demon?

This connection is highly speculative because what we are suggesting involves two different women. Although Rihanna and Beyonce run in the same circles they are still separate people. We are trying to figure out what was happening to Beyonce’s neck during her Super Bowl performance. Her neck went “straight-up bull frog” at one point and there was a strange image coming out of her neck! We are not the only one to see this but we are the only one to make a connection like this.

Secret message in Rihanna’s song “Umbrella”

Rihanna’s music videos have been meticulously dissected by many other researchers to the point a demon is clearly represented in her Umbrella video. This demon has been called “rain-maker” by other independent researches and it was proven it was humanly impossible for Rihanna to pose the way she did.  It is no secret Rihanna has been implicated in many occult themed videos.

Fast forward to 1:32 minutes to see the neck change

During Beyonce’s possession not only her eyes changed but she throws her head back and her neck bulged out in a very abnormal way. In it you see a shape emerging from her throat which very much resembles the demon captured in Rihanna’s “Umbrella” music video.  What is the connection here? Is it because Satan was the Angel of music in the Heavens? Is the throat chakra his portal into the human body?

Look carefully and you will see the image

The next picture is of Beyonce and the image of Rihanna’s demon cut out and reduced in size and placed over Beyonce’s throat. Is it a stretch to say this a match? You will have to decide but do not forgot all of the occult physical evidence of Beyonce’s big occult performance.

Rihanna demon reduced in size and place over throat

All I can confirm is something abnormal happened to Beyonce’s neck, as well as her eyes. The bulging alone was quite disturbing to see and the connection to Rihanna’s demon is not far fetched. Perhaps we uncovered the methodology of a possession? Not sure, then watch the video again. This is real.

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