Prophecy Fulfilled: New Pope IS Peter the Roman!

Prophecy Fulfilled: New Pope IS Peter the Roman!

Should we ever have doubted a Saint like St. Malachy? He successfully named 111 Popes from his visions and named the last Pope numbered 112!  Yes, folks this clairvoyant, levitating, Saint is right again with his epigrammatic style! The new Jorge Mario Bergogli can certainly be linked to “Peter the Roman.” Late last night I learned the parents of Jorge Mario Bergogli are of Italian descent.

Evidence Pope Francis is associated with Peter the Roman.

Jorge Mario Bergogli (Pope Francis) chose the name St. Francis of Assisi, an Italian, who was born Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone. He was an Italian Catholic friar and preacher. He spent much of his time in Rome. He never became a priest because of his humble ways but we can see how he could be associated as “Peter the Roman.”  This was a play on his name Pietro.

The new pope then dined with the cardinals in a Vatican residence where he thanked them for electing him but then quipped: “God forgive you for what you’ve done!”


Pope Francis will also wear the ring of St. Peter! This has been done before but Pope Francis is having the ring customized to have St. Francis inscribed on the ring! How about them apples? So there you have it! We have a direct connection to “Peter” and how St. Francis spent much of his time in Rome. This is what the witty St. Malachy intended to tell us when he made this particular association with Pope Francis.

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