The Pocket Bong: The Friend of Chemotherapy

The Pocket Bong: The Friend of Chemotherapy

Let’s face it, American can no long deny the beneficial medicinal qualities of marijuana. I have been spending much of my time around cancer patients and sitting through long hours of chemotherapy. A couple of weeks ago I sat next to a woman with ovarian cancer and I made a joke about marijuana. She told me her son gave her marijuana candy and it helped with her upset stomach. He is an actor from Los Angeles and you have seen him on television and a few good movies. I will keep there identities secret out of respect for their privacy.

The Pocket Bong – the mobile water pipe

The marijuana soothes many of the symptoms of chemotherapy such as pain, upset stomach and it stimulates the appetite. I remember smoking in college and I would get so hungry. If I was in the movie called “Alive” where the rugby team’s airplane crashed and was stranded in the snow swept Andes, where they had  to resort to cannibalism, if there was marijuana on the plane — I would have eaten a man a night! Seriously, weight gain is a normal side effect of smoking marijuana.

I thought the Pocket Bong would be an excellent addition to anyone who is in need of medical marijuana and does not want to carry a big bong with them. The “Pocket Bong” is collapsible and this makes it portable enough to carry in your purse or pocket. It comes in a variety of colors to suit your fancy and most of all it really works!

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