Arrest Warrant Issued for Pope Francis!

Arrest Warrant Issued for Pope Francis!

The precedents continue for Pope Francis and this one is ugly and marred in filthy allegations including evidence of obstruction of justice.  Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) joins many of his predecessors including other high ranking members of the Roman Catholic Church. State officials have also issued an Arrest Warrant against Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope in the history of the Church.  I am sure it will have the same response as other arrest warrants issued to Vatican pontiffs — nothing.

The warrant states what many people with HBO already know, the Vatican is a criminal organization masquerading as “agents” of God.  The caveat is — the warrant empowers the average citizen to arrest the Pope if they can infiltrate the Pope’s tight security which has the authority to kill. Sounds safer to email Pope Francis and kindly ask him to admit guilt and turn himself in, or how does 50 bullets in your ass make your day?

Please take careful note why the American media is not covering this!

The document states Bergoglio’s role in the death of Argentinian citizens during that country’s “Dirty War” and in the trafficking of the children of political prisoners also compelled the International Common Law Court of Justice to issue the Warrant today, which is one year in duration.

“The Pope is the head of a predatory power that is waging an undeclared, centuries-old war against the entire non-Catholic world.”

ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett

We also learned the Argentinian prelate assumed criminal liability and became subject to immediate arrest by occupying the Papal seat in the wake of the conviction of the Vatican as a criminal organization on February 25, 2013.  I am sure according to the Vatican Law the new Pope is exempt of all charges and can not be prosecuted while in office.  Annett delivered a copy of the Arrest Warrant to the Catholic Archdiocese office. I am sure when he left, Vatican officials took a scene from the Harold & Kumar movie and promptly wiped their butt with the warrant to immense laughter.

This investigation stated Black Robes which are worn by the Jesuits

“Since we and our children are being assaulted by a corporation that is a law unto itself, we have the right to defend ourselves and detain or stop altogether those responsible, as in any war”.

A Public Proclamation is being read out in twenty eight countries this week by ITCCS members, publicly banning those church and state officials who cannot be immediately arrested under these Warrants. Citizens are encouraged to download and use the attached Warrant. Sounds like a great reality TV show,  “Citizen Arrest the Pope” and win a million dollars — if you live!

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