Meteor Over NYC, DC and New England

Meteor Over NYC, DC and New England

The Twitterverse is on fire with reports of a bluish meteor screaming across the East Coast night sky.  Reports are coming out of NYC, DC and New England many people heard and witnessed this noisy meteor. This appears to be the year of the screaming meteors and they are seen all over the world.

The most notorious is the Russian meteor which did in fact cause much damage. Also Brazil, South Carolina and Florida are among the growing phenomenon. There are many theories at play regarding the meteor including a larger meteor coming this way. Some religious researchers believe it could be a sign “Wormwood” is approaching while other scientist believe there is an Oort Cloud of meteors the Earth periodically traverses.

What we do know is the next official meteor shower is not until April and as you can see all of this meteor activity is out of season.  We will soon know if this meteoric rise is a harbinger for something bigger and all we can do is keep our cell phones charged and be ready to tweet or twat? What is the past tense for tweeting?


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