Scott Getzinger Tragedy: Hand of God?

Scott Getzinger Tragedy: Hand of God?

The entertainment industry was stunned by the death of veteran prop-master Scott Getzinger. The head-on collision that took his life was a tragedy, which has forever marred the lives of his family and friends, especially his wife, Susan Getzinger and their three young children. They were a Spiritually strong family raised in the Catholic faith and installing these values into their children. They were also fighters standing up for righteousness and justice in Newtown, Connecticut.‬

‪Much synchronicity surrounds Scott and his untimely demise and many theories as well as unanswered questions. Many independent researchers were interested in interviewing Scott about the “The Dark Knight Rises” Gotham City map associated with Sandy Hook on the map.

Susan believes that, like many prop masters, he put in part of his town for something that his kids might find to be cool. We will never know his thoughts on the map now.

‪The Getzinger family was embroiled in a tense battle of wills against the Newtown P.S. Administration and the school’s attorneys and hand-picked judges regarding the alleged corruption, including: misappropriation of funds and dismal services for children in special need. The wife of Scott, Susan, even thought of writing a book to expose the alleged corruption in this particular school system. So as you can see Scott and Susan were in the throes of a high stakes battle with the school system. Also, Scott was highly sought after for his inside knowledge to the map in “The Dark Knight Rises.”‬

‪Susan shared with Revelation Now the fateful unfortunate day Scott Getzinger lost his life. Next you will read Susan’s recollection of events. The day was “Good Friday” (April 6, 2012) when Catholics commemorate the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Susan was visiting her mother’s grave-site with her father and three children. She planted flowers and said her prayers for her beloved mother. She prayed “The Our Father”, The “Hail Mary Full of Grace”, and The “Glory Be” as she always does.‬

‪Today was different because she heard an (unidentifiable) male voice inside her speaking in an audible, firm and peaceful manner. This is what she was told: “Today your husband will have a positive Spiritual experience.” The voice was “clear as day” with no discernible dialect, it was calming and evoked no fear inside of her. She was so calm after experiencing this inner voice she did not feel compelled to call her husband.‬

‪She looked forward to his return from work so she could surprise him with the experience she had by her mother’s grave. She was sure Scott was going to have exciting news upon his return from his job. She thought it would be an answered prayer of a job that might lead to a new opportunity leading to the director’s chair.

‪Scott’s dreams were to evolve as a father and an artist honing and expanding his skills in the world of entertainment. He already had an excellent reputation working on many other Hollywood blockbusters. He hoped an opportunity would emerge in Stamford where he could have the best of both worlds. In essence, a rewarding career with a short commute where he could spend more time with his family he adored. His love for his family even drove him to relocate his family from California to be closer to his parents in Connecticut.‬

‪According to Susan, “He ended up ‘directing’ the medical staff that night in Stamford, CT.” Susan reflected on the calm, firm, and steady voice she heard which caused her no fear. She also believed there could be a Spiritual reward for the head of her family for exposing the corruption the night before, after a three and a half year battle! She later learned that, three and one half years is a “time, times and half a time” in the Bible.‬

‪The policeman at her door was a surprise and she initially thought he was sent to harass her family because of the terse battle against the school system. She really did not realize anything was wrong and then it dawned on her. Susan and her children dropped to the floor and began to pray for Daddy.‬

‪”It was a spiritual reward, but the very best kind, not at all what I expected. I knew God loved us, and our marriage, and I considered us blessed and thanked God for giving me my husband.”

‪Scott was 46 on 4/6/2012. The human or weak number in the Bible is 6. He left the physical realm on 4/7/2012, the Sabbath or the 7th day of the week, and Holy Saturday to boot. He died 7 hours after the accident. The accident happened at 7:00 pm with 911 being called at 7:02 pm. As you can see God’s number is clearly imprinted on Scott’s death.‬

The number seven means perfection and completion in the Bible.

‪Susan was also able to make other connections like Scott’s birthday is in the month of December. Meaning he was conceived in April as well. She is willing to bet Scott was conceived on April 7 with a synchronicity of birth time to time of death! Susan is Pro-Life and believes The Most High is showing her how important the “time in the womb” is by linking this nine month period. His birth month is twelve and the year he died is twelve. Susan loves her husband tremendously and her biggest joy is in knowing God’s voice and number is imprinted on his death. Meaning he is in good hands.‬

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