Is Shape-Shifting Really Holographic Technology?

Is Shape-Shifting Really Holographic Technology?

I have heard about “shape-shifting” for many years now and to be honest I find it difficult to believe until recently. Perhaps, the disinformation agents have people barking up the wrong tree, so to  speak.  Is this really the shifting of the shape or the masking of the shape?  I have seen the video evidence and it is not always compelling.

Compilation of television reporters have glitches with their face and hands

I say this because it can be explained away as glitches in the camera technology. What does weaken the “glitches-theory” is the disruption always happens around the faces or hands of the person. It is never the complete picture, meaning the background is not effected by the glitch.

I began to think about this when my son made me purchase him a $6.99 pair of holographic glasses. When he wore the glasses he ended up looking like a man of Asian persuasion. This is obviously easily replicated technology sold to the masses who will easily make an impulse buy.

Scene from the movie “The Arrival” where aliens mask their true form

The next question is — If the $6.99 is the cheapest application what is the most expensive? Is there a biological spray on agent which can achieve the same effect?  It is certainly plausible because this is exactly how the glasses are made. Can people have the same full body result? I say yes, and given the right budget I am sure I could achieve this effect.

The recipient of this technology could look like anyone they wanted. As we can see with the glitches every technology has inherent “bugs” which are unforeseeable due to environmental variables. This could have also been the case last year when several reporters began to speak in unintelligible babble.

Example of mass produced holographic goggles for retail sale

Acknowledging this technology drives us further down the “rabbit-hole” and opens up “Pandora’s Box” to a myriad of conspiracy theories. Some of them are plausible and most, not so much. The “shape-shifting” theory calls upon a much grander generational conspiracy theory or people have been replaced like in the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

See the possibilities of this application

I will admit all of the above-mentioned sounds far-fetched and something out of a science fiction movie. Perhaps some science fiction movies are made so we will believe it is impossible for this to happen in our reality? What I do know is the technology for spray-on holographic technology exist today. Think it can not be sprayed on a person’s face?

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