Osama Bin Laden Really Killed By Seals?

Osama Bin Laden Really Killed By Seals?

I remember when President Obama interrupted my favorite program on television and announced to the American people Osama Bin Laden was killed. He also told the American people his body was thrown over-board from a Naval vessel into the ocean. My first thought was I had already heard he was killed by a reputable source and how convenient to throw the body away to eliminate the evidence. Remember how fast Saddam Hussein was hung until he died?

Bhutto was murdered soon after she stated Osama had been murdered

I was and still am highly skeptical because of the testimony of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto. I watched her speak in an interview on the BBC.  During her interview she made reference to an assassin general who had killed Osama Bin Laden. She said it in a manner which seemed like this was common knowledge and this was not the crux of the interview. She was soon murdered under questionable circumstances after this interview. Much like President John F. Kennedy was murdered after his lessor known “Freedom Speech.”

Why would Bhutto matter of factually state Osama Bin Laden was dead years before he was found, murdered, and body thrown over board?  Now you are having Navy Seals speak in different media forums without continuity of the facts of the night Osama was killed. Soon after the propaganda movie was ready to hit the Silver Screen. The American families who suffered at the hands of this so-called murderer deserved their day in court.

If for anything else these families deserved closure. They lost their loved ones, never to see them again. They had the opportunity to confront the so called killer in court, which would have been cathartic for all families. The President decided it was better to make Osama shark food for closure? None of this adds up and the faith in the Government is waning. True Osama’s capture would have been a media circus but “terrorist” trying to free him is laughable. Or his capture would have stimulated terrorist activity is plausible yet they are highly ineffective, especially since America is now a police state.

If anything this whole Osama being killed and lost at sea “official story” will do nothing more than fuel conspiracy theories and distrust for the Government. Osama deserved a trial and due process. My father believes he is still alive after having plastic surgery and shaving off his beard.  He said do not be surprised if he is leasing water skis in the Bahamas. Although we know otherwise according to Bhutto, Osama was killed long before the official Navy Seal story.

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