Being Gay: Transformed This Way?

Being Gay: Transformed This Way?

The Supreme Court is standing on the precipice of change regarding LGBT marriage rights and it is arguably the most complex issue of the 21 century. There are so many aspects to this Rubik’s Cube of ethical quagmires and it requires us to step back and address all sides of this dilemma. First, we have the well known civic discrimination of denying same sex couples basic inherent rights and legal privileges of married couples. This is the cornerstone of the argument and quite worthy when the quality of life of any human is threatened.

Next, is the thorn in the side of all religious people who are aware of the Old Testament and New Testament laws which clearly repudiate the homosexual and lesbian sexual acts as being unnatural. To the horror of many Believers they now share churches where many same sex wedding ceremonies occur.  To them homosexuality is clearly a sin amongst many other sins which will not fair well if the Earth is ever judged by The Most High.

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution will not support the gay gene theory because it would cause the end of the gay society. The gay society can not create life without relying on a surrogate or in vitro fertilization.  The gay gene would eventually have to evolve into a state where a man would develop a womb and carry a child for 9 months.

The demographics of sexual orientation or gender identity in the United States have dramatically changed since the Stonewall riots in 1969, which marked the modern LGBT rights movement.

Finally, there is the valid argument many people are being born gay. Although, the gay gene has proven elusive there are other less publicized catalyst which lend credence to this fact. Imagine the dismay to be born male and realize you have a sexual attraction to another male? To be a young male child and identify with your female counterparts. There appears to be evidence children are being chemically changed in the mother’s womb.

This concept should not be farfetched if you are a cancer patient or survivor. There are supplements you can take like the turmeric root which has a property known as curcumin.  This curcumin has shown the ability to turn on genes that fight cancer and turn off a protein (RANKL) which causes the cancer to spread. What this proves is certain chemical derivatives have the ability to temporarily turn genes on and off. This leads to the question — Can certain genes be temporarily turned on in the womb?

Scientist agree there is no gay gene or a heterosexual gene for that matter. It has caused the scientist to look for hormonal catalyst in the womb during embryonic gestation. They are looking for this endocrine anomaly inside the human body where the real smoking gun is outside the human body. This factor appears to be a contamination of estrogen in the womb. National water supplies are testing positive for estrogen.

About 80% of 139 U.S. rivers are contaminated with trace estrogen compounds. Naturally occurring estrogen compounds come from livestock urine and feces, and from human excretions which also contain contraceptives and hormone replacement medications. None of this sounds natural to me and further investigation is needed to decide the true nature of this troubling chemical in the water.

Another troubling fact is what is just about in all plastics containers approved by the FDA. It is called Bisphenol A (BPA) and it is an organic compound with the chemical formula constituting a synthetic estrogen. It is in all water bottles, clear plastics, including baby bottles. When the plastic is heated up like when a mother is warming up a bottle of milk more estrogen is released into the milk.

BPA is used to make certain plastics and epoxy resins; it has been in commercial use since 1957 and around 3.6 million tons (8 billion pounds) of BPA are used by manufacturers yearly.

If a mother is ingesting BPA while carrying her fetus sex-related genes are turned on and off in response to fluctuating levels of hormones in the womb. Although a child may become male in the womb the fetus is being bathed in estrogen and subsequently nursed on BPA bottles which consistently causes estrogen to metabolize in the infant’s body. Is this what is causing male children to gravitate toward the nature of a female?

It appears the estrogen and synthetic estrogen (BPA) are the transformers of the child while in the womb. So in essence children are born this way; however, they would not if not subjected to estrogen and synthetic estrogen. If this is true these children have been victimized and changed without consent. They truly not only deserve rights; but, reparations! Why is the estrogen in the water? Why does the FDA approve the mass production of plastics which prove to change the nature of human behavior?

BPA is used to make certain plastics and epoxy resins; it has been in commercial use since 1957 and around 3.6 million tons (8 billion pounds) of BPA are used by manufacturers yearly. BPA-based plastic is clear and tough, and is used to make a variety of common consumer goods (such as baby and water bottles, sports equipment, and CDs and DVDs) and for industrial purposes, like lining water pipes. Epoxy resins containing BPA are used as coatings on the inside of many food and beverage cans. It is also used in making thermal paper such as that used in sales receipts.

Research from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine suggests it is the metabolic changes that take place once BPA is broken down inside the body that pose the greater health threat. More than 90 percent of all Americans are believed to carry varying levels of BPA exposure. This includes pregnant mothers and nursing infants. Can you blame some gay people from accepting and following their true nature?

One single gene mutation (which is the key to unlocking the secret) can turn a straight fruit fly into a gay one. Many people down play this possibility; but, one gene mutation can give a person breast cancer.  To call being gay a mental illness is totally short sighted in lieu of the fact estrogen and synthesized estrogen is polluting 90 percent of people. It appears this has been slowly building up in society since 1957. Yes, I accept the fact that all bodies are different and some will not be gay because of fetal estrogen syndrome but some will.

Until these chemicals are removed from our plastics and water we will see a higher occurrence of gay children. To deny them rights after making them this way is a travesty of justice. Our Government has robbed them of their nature and true birth right. The silver lining is so many gay people have been affected there is strength and support in numbers. If this estrogen in the water theory is true the Government owes them a hefty settlement.

When it comes to religion this raises so many moral questions based on the commands of “The Most High.” In essence, these children were attacked in the womb to have their nature altered. Clearly you can not blame a child from accepting his/her true nature. Obviously, there is no gay gene but people can be chemically altered to affect their gene behavior. It makes sense from a Spiritual perspective in “The Last Days” everything will be turned upside down…including the womb.

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