The Bible: Osteen On Obama Satan Comparison

The Bible: Osteen On Obama Satan Comparison

The actor playing Satan on the highly successful series “The Bible” caused an Internet buzz because of his similar looks to President Obama. Many people found the comparison outrageous while some found it ironic. Is President Obama Satan in flesh? Some independent researchers will swear he is, based on Scripture he appears to be fulfilling. While others say flat out no.

Mega church Pastor Joel Osteen weighed in and said the comparison is utter nonsense. In my opinion, to call the connection utter nonsense is dismissive. It sends a message to spiritual detectives their work has no value. Before Jesus left this Earth or dimension he told His disciples, “Do not be deceived.” In order to honor this directive it requires us to test everybody and every thing. President Obama is clearly not above being tested.

“I felt like it was nonsense. People can draw funny conclusions.”

President Obama has been video taped mocking the Bible, killing women and children overseas which most Americans do not care because it is not them nor their children. He has jokingly endorsed drone attacks in public forums. What is really interesting about President Obama, was when he was asked who Jesus Christ is to him. He responded He is a “historical figure” of great importance. I true Believer would describe Him as the Son of God and the intercession between Heaven and Earth. In other words, it is only through Him.

For Joel Osteen to discount the lyrical track record of President Obama is an extreme oversight and to not instruct his flock to test everything is Biblically unsound. Osteen has a proclivity for people pleasing evident from his first interview on Larry King regarding his position on homosexuality. When afforded the opportunity to share New Testament scripture on God’s view of homosexuality he simply said, “I do not want to judge.”

In comparing “The Bible” using an actor who resembles President Obama as nonsense is another disappointing statement from Osteen. In “The Last Days” there will be a great delusion which will fool even the elect. Why not question everything? Including Osteen! Even Satan masquerades as an Angel of Light.


1 a : words or language having no meaning or conveying no intelligible ideas


b (1) : language, conduct, or an idea that is absurd or contrary to good sense (2) : an instance of absurd action

In essence, according to Osteen anyone who made the connection between the Satan actor and President Obama lacks good sense. If anything, Osteen has espoused nonsense with his lack of Biblical facts to set the record straight. He has recently corrected his lack of spiritual quotes at the right time. Osteen can not please everybody because the Bible will not please everybody. You can not love this world and the Kingdom of Christ at the same time. I truly believe Osteen needs to think carefully before he speaks because he is revealing he is a spiritual distraction. A well paid spiritual distraction.

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