Best of UFO-March 2013

Best of UFO-March 2013

I do not know about you but these “UFO” sightings are getting boring and predictable. We see the orbs of light streaking across the night sky or flare like objects. The cigar “UFO” passing by the International Space Station looked like a photo opportunity. One thing is for sure (IMO) these are not from another planet. If anything they are earthly technologies being captured on purpose. If you traveled thousands of light years wouldn’t you land and stretch your legs – – if you had them? Below you will see a compilation of the “UFO” videos for March 2013.

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Michael Erevna

Michael is the Editor-in-Chief of fulfilling his true passion of researching and writing about Biblical scripture, ancient text, and esoteric mysteries. His book "Thy Sun, Thy Rod, and Thy Staff" is available on He has appeared on "In Search Of..." with Zachary Quinto and other radio appearances.
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