Lost Without You

Lost Without You

How have you been feeling lately? Depleted or in a holding pattern for so long, it feels like the new you? Do you feel like you are under demonic attack? There is something happening to all of us right now and we are bonding through this tunnel of strange. I had a friend make an observation about this digital magazine and said now its heavy and intense.  In retrospect, I believe she is right. Honestly, after I made the prediction the Super Bowl Halftime Show, would incorporate elements from the star constellation (aligned over the stadium) I learned was the Silver Gate, well, it changed things.

This song says it all so clearly

How can people of this world not be interested in what is really happening to us? I feel like we are being used and I was some how spiritually raped in the name of entertainment. What else is going on here, where we were willingly hoarded into a stadium, watching starry elements flashed in front of our eyes, while their heavenly counterparts beamed down on us. What is this science we are not privy?

This is a lonely journey into research the average person has no interest or can not comprehend. I am the first to admit I do not have all of the answers but I am seeking them. I have lost interest in what the masses crave and I am trying to find those souls who are also seeking answers. Facebook is not the answer, because it gives people a platform to share inane details of their lives. Where is the intellectual cornucopia on Facebook? We are all at the mercy of our own ignorance and we are being bamboozled, while being incorporated into some type of ritual.

I think I am depressed for knowing these secrets about the Half Time Show and depressed for the people who are oblivious. It is more important to watch “Dancing with the Stars” or “General Hospital” (forgive me on that one) or “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”  At what point did we lose are ability to grow as a community or a society? We let social economics, politics and racism divide us when we are all being used in these rituals. These rituals bring us all together when “they” need to use us and it takes a moment of “magic” to bring their plans into fruition. What could we do if we all joined together?

What if we chose to love each other and to care for each other — while learning the science they use against us? We could transform this Earth to a world we could evolve in a blanket of love. These are the thoughts racing through my mind at 3:00 am!  It appears to me many “prophets” of today are so anxious to see mass death they are missing mass life. Every week YouTube producers appear to be hoping nuclear war jumps off or Israel goes bananas. We are being distracted from a higher purpose and the evidence was in the Halftime Show.

They are literally practicing a higher purpose which is being manifested into our reality. As our minds are saturated with mass media and Biblical hopes of doom, there is a cosmic spiritual principle being performed right in front of our eyes. Is this not evidence enough to investigate, to know, to learn?  We can not keep talking about God or the spiritual war without opening our eyes to the true nature of our reality. We all have something to offer in this journey, this information exchange. Right now I am lost without you.

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Michael Erevna

Michael is the Editor-in-Chief of RevelationNow.net fulfilling his true passion of researching and writing about Biblical scripture, ancient text, and esoteric mysteries. His book "Thy Sun, Thy Rod, and Thy Staff" is available on Amazon.com. He has appeared on "In Search Of..." with Zachary Quinto and other radio appearances.
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