Djobama Second Term Unchained: Where is the Beef?

Djobama Second Term Unchained: Where is the Beef?

Black America, you would think since President Obama was reelected on the steam of your votes, you would see some traction on social issues affecting your race — his race.  The black male is an endangered species and soon you will see less and less of them in corporate America.  The dismal graduation rate is now at a flip of a coin, if the black male will even graduate high school. Not even a moratorium President Obama?

Obama’s former fiery pastor, Jeremiah Wright, called him out in his first term for doing nothing for his people while in office. It is safe to say every former President improved the wealth of white America.  There is a lack of diversity in corporate America where black males are concerned. There needs to be an inspection of all major corporations regarding the lack of hiring black males. Just because the parking garage employs blacks does not mean you are diversified!

President Obama is a flip-flopper, especially regarding gay marriage. He tricked the backbone of the black church community by feigning he was a follower of the Word but claims his own daughters, turned Him away from sound Scripture. He has even gone as far as calling Jason Collins a professional basketball player who came out of the closet. Does he call athletes who become saved and say I am proud of you?

He reminds me of Stephen in Django Unchained who made his way into the big house and made sure his loyalties were always aligned with his handlers — the rich. The stimulus package was the biggest theft right under the noses of the American people. The bankers took this money and no one really knows how they spent it. Some of the CEOs of the banks still purchased Lear Jets with tax payer money!

President Obama provides billions of dollars of aid to Israel but not one penny to the reformation of urban school systems where the most minorities attend. He has turned the White House into a groupie house which kowtows to celebrities. Where he honors soul musicians like Justin Timberlake who once claimed he felt black because he can dance! No one in the black community is offended by this?

Not many people know that after the O.J. Simpson case, Johnnie Cochran spent much of his time preparing for a case, collecting historical data, information, and studying cases to sue the U.S. government for Reparations for Africans in America. Of course he contracted a fast acting brain tumor and died quickly. Have not heard much about this ever again have you — if ever? President Obama could have picked up this torch in his last term but has chosen to be a champion for gay people. All I am saying is black people are the priority because we are the only race in America to never receive reparations.

How is any black family better off since Obama has been in office? And no, I am not talking about Obama phones. That was insulting as let them eat cake! I once spoke to a female friend on the phone who gushed, “I looove my President!” Of course she is a black woman and I asked her why. She said, “Cause I just do.” Black people fell in love with the idea of a black President but not the idea of justice for themselves, no matter what color you are. We should be holding on to higher principles of justice, than skin tone and hold everyone accountable for what they say and do not say.

We have a President who is more concerned about being the life of the party as opposed to giving a better life to the party. He supports the killing of Americans by poisoning the food and water supply. He certainly works hard to disarm the citizens of America while arming the foods with cancer causing agents and genetically modified DNA. His handlers are the corporations and he is loyal to them. True, if he altered the course of the corporate agendas he probably would not last in office very long, President Kennedy took this risk (RIP).

Frankly, I am embarrassed to witness the buffoonery of President Obama because I am awake and I see the writing on the wall. We give away billions of dollars every year to other countries but here is a sad fact: children under 18 years of age accounted for 39% of the homeless population. Of that number, 42% were younger than age 5. Yet, Obama wants to curb gun laws to save children — do you see the hypocrisy? Do you really need to be riding this man’s jock strap?

The sad thing is most black people are only supporting him because he is black and can not look past his skin tone — as if under a spell.  If President Bush was still in office, black America would be furious yet Obama continues down the same path, in the HOV lane. He is continuing Bush policies and I dare anyone to explain how his health care plan improves your life. This is nothing more than entertainment and no one is accountable because the American people have failed. It is our job to uphold the ideals of the Constitution.

If you are black and you are not fighting for the black males and minorities, then who will? They are a dying breed — literally. If you sit on the side lines complaining, catching wood on the bench, you are not even in the game. We need to stop celebrating the melanin in President Obama’s skin and reward him when he actually earns it. My prediction is hell will be frozen over before you ever see any change here. Say goodbye to your black males because Obama certainly has.

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