Have You Seen the Monkey Lite?

Have You Seen the Monkey Lite?

Every now and then something comes along with a wow factor. It is something never seen or realized in the imagination of the masses but once you see it — you are mesmerized! This is how you feel when you see the Monkey Lite bicycle wheel display system. It looks like something out of the future; except the future is now.

To see the graphics stabilized on the moving wheel is simply amazing and entertaining, all at the same moment. Because it is a display, the images are only limited by imagination. The creative minds at Monkeylectric are billing the Monkey Lite as an instant party but they are much more than this. They will eventually be the next marketing media channel. Especially in cultures where the preferred mode of transportation is bicycling — like Denmark or China.

From a safety perspective it will improve the visibility of the cyclist and illuminate the terrain better for the rider. As a mountain bike aficionado, I went on plenty of night rides in the city in my younger days.  I can only imagine the fun I would have had using a Monkey Lite.

As we go deeper into the generations of the Monkey Lite and the manufacturing cost is reduced, we will see it utilized in civic ways.  Imagine the cycling police units display a picture of a missing child in an amber alert or a suspect on the loose in the vicinity. The applications for Monkey Lite will mature and new industries will most likely adopt it.

As for now it is just plain cool to own and display on your own. I will be ordering these soon and hooking them up to my mountain bike. Because there is a Bluetooth transfer capability I will be making my own mark in the streets. Right now I foresee sharing my weight loss — Lost 25 pounds, honk if you like! 

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