Acquaintance of Tsarnaev Executed by FBI?

Acquaintance of Tsarnaev Executed by FBI?

The unfolding story in the aftermath of the notorious “Boston Bombing” reads like a Tom Clancy’s novel. Not only are the two FBI agents who killed Tsarnaev dead, now an acquaintance of the deceased suspect has been killed. His name is Ibragim Todashev and according to reports, he was shot six times by FBI agents. He was being questioned about his relationship with Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Todashev was reportedly unarmed at the time of his death, and his father says federal investigators shot him in the head.

The killing of an unarmed witness should have been a national story in the mainstream media but then again Kanye is releasing a new album. Now the story is, the two FBI agents were killed in a training accident repelling from a helicopter, to the deck of a ship. Apparently, a “gust” of wind nudged the helicopter and they lost grip of the rope, despite the fact, they were equipped with “swiss seats.”

What am I suggesting here? I do not have to suggest anything. All of the witnesses are turning up dead and Dzhokhar has yet to speak. So much controversy has surrounded this “bombing” and these deaths do nothing but feed into the conspiracy. It appears the Government is above the law because “they” are! Not only is the NSA monitoring are every electronic action big information technology is right in bed with them!

What can we do about this, is the question? I do not know because we are up against the Beast and as you can see, it is taking no prisoners. If you notice, the “Boston Bombing” is not even big news anymore. Especially, since Rob Stark and his family were murdered — on the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” Ironically, we are living a modern day, game of thrones.

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