UFO: Skies Over Westchester County, NY

UFO: Skies Over Westchester County, NY

Catching this UFO, was a moment of serendipity, because I was initially attempting to record a chem-trial over my home which did not break up. You would figure because of these chem-trails are really claimed to be contrails, then the wind should disperse them, right? Well, in looking around the skies over Westchester County, NY, I saw this orb of light streaking across the sky. In my opinion, it was moving much faster than a satellite.

I also referenced my SatelliteAR application and at that time, no satellites should have been above me. Unless, it was a military satellite! I was able to get over a strong two-minutes of footage and as you will see, this UFO was moving fast. I had trouble keeping it in the frame. You can also see the trajectory changes throughout the footage. I can not rule out it was a satellite but it certainly moved faster than other satellites I have captured in the past.

There are approximately 3,000 satellites operating in Earth orbit, according to the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), out of roughly 8,000 man-made objects in total.

Let’s assume, it is a satellite then tomorrow at this same time, I should be able to see it again. This makes sense does it not? If I am not able to capture it, then what is it? I do not want to jump on the “aliens” band wagon, because that scenario does not make sense to me. We will find out this evening for sure. Stay tuned…

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Michael Erevna

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