The Spiritual Lesson of Paula Deen

The Spiritual Lesson of Paula Deen

Paul Deen, is the new poster girl for racist ideology in America. The discovery of her racist comments have cost her the empire she built with blood, sweat, and flour. It is sad to see this woman lose every thing because she is trapped in the past and spiritually void. She was a brand on the rise and was penetrating vertical markets every year and now she is a social outcast — outside of the Nazis, Skinheads, Klu Klux Klan, and Ann Coulter.


You can actually hear the racist undercurrent in her commentary


This is the problem with using the physical to judge people. When you lack spiritual knowledge and do not apply it  to yourself,  you become fixed or trapped in your environment.  Your thoughts never evolve and you surround yourself with like minded people. All this does is reaffirm your belief system and causes it to become anchored to your ego.

When you are filled up with the Holy Spirit you will no longer see color. It is nothing more than a shade of flesh encasing the spirit.  For Paula Deen, color defines the spirit and this is why she fell from grace. She is now suffering the penalty of a lack of spirituality. You could tell in the interview below, she struggles to find the right words in order to not offend.

If she was filled with the Spirit her words would flow effortlessly and they would be harmonious. She would not care what color a person is and she would build relationships with like-minded spiritual people. The Spirit is about love, acceptance, and understanding of not just yourself but of other people’s feelings.

She would know the “N” word is a very insulting word to black people AND white people. Ironically, the best selling white rapper of all time — Eminem, has never used the word. Spiritual white people are just as disturbed by the “N” word, that in the past, they marched during Civil Rights. Spiritual growth is not about color it is about heart and how can you see someones heart?

If Paula truly loved all people she would have never made this error. Yes, she is a product of her environment but she must learn to break the chains of her programming. You can not just read the Bible and suddenly become filled with spirit — well not for me anyway. You have to read, contemplate, and understand. Then you become changed.

In the end, we must forgive Paula Deen, for her error because The Most High is not finished with any of us yet — including her. She is now shamed and hopefully her ego is destroyed. Now she can be reborn from her experience and hopefully she will be a new creature. This will only happen if she wakes up and realizes there is something very wrong with her ideology, mentality, and spirituality. Pray for her and her family because at the end of the day — what would Jesus do?

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