Star of David Alignment:Prophecy, War, and Prayer

Star of David Alignment:Prophecy, War, and Prayer

On July 22 – 30, 2013, the planets and star constellations of the zodiac will complete the 13th configuration of the Star of David. This will not happen again for over 100 years! This cycle started in August of 1990 and over the last 13 years it has aligned ushering in key world events. The common pattern of key world events under the Star of David alignment, includes the kick-off date of wars.

One would argue something is going to happen on these alignment days anyway yet there appears to be history altering events when this alignment occurs. Through the research on this site we have learned the same patterns are the shared canopy to sinister events unfolding on the earth.  We have identified the Golden and Silver Gate star configurations anciently understood to be be the entrance and the exit into the Heavens or dare I say — another dimension?  The Star of David configuration is no different and lends credence to the theory — war is being birthed under this alignment.

Is is also safe to assume advanced planning is conducted by earthly administrators to meet the deadline of launching global events under the Star of David. This reveals there is an intention by the human spirit to achieve certain goals while this alignment is in space. This is a major insight to understand, intentions for planetary and star alignments allow a desired effect to manifest on our third dimensional reality.

The next question is can we apply these concepts to our own lives? What happens if we ritualized our prayers while under this star configuration? As the rich Star of David global events history reflects, certain organizations are using it to materialize their own intentions at our expense. Nothing can be more destructive than war except nature. Is there a casual connection between the Star of David alignment and nature? There have certainly been major hurricanes and floods under this alignment as well.

The Star of David alignments appears to follow a ‘countdown’ sequence or frequency of sorts. It very much appears to be like the Total Solar Eclipses that occurred consecutively on the 1st of Av in 2008, 2009 & 2010. Those 3 consecutive Eclipses appeared to signal the ‘countdown’ to the start of the 7-Year Solar-Lunar pattern.


Some researchers have theorized the Star of David is a heavenly count-down associated with biblical passages; stating there will be signs in the heavens. These signs are the precursors to life-changing events on the earth and to mankind, according to the Bible. These major biblical events include the One World Government, Sudden Destruction of America, The Rapture, World War III, and the Second Coming.

There are also strange numerical patterns emerging with the final 13th Star of David configuration. On January 13, 2011, Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News anchor announced to the world the earth’s position in relation to the sun has changed and astronomers have added Ophiuchus — the 13th sign. Symbolically, it is represented by a man holding or “man-handling” a serpent. This could also be representative of the return of Christ taking control of that old serpent . . . Satan.  Some researchers say the serpent represents the Kundalini of the Universe and man is taking control of this energy. This energy is activated and flows through the 7 chakra centers in our bodies.

All of these themes are playing out through the stars and the Star of David alignment will yield more global change based on the patterns.

Let’s take a look at the global event history during the last 12 cycles of the Star of David alignment:

Aug 08, 1990

  • Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
  • The Gulf War I begins
  • Berlin Wall comes down
  • Reunification of East & West Germany
  • Soviet Union starts to collapse
  • Civil war breaks out in Yugoslavia 

Jul 18, 1992

  • Standoff in Waco, Texas 

Jul 21, 1995

  • Prime Minister Rabin is assassinated
  • Oklahoma City federal building is bombed

Sept 03, 1996

  • 2 hurricanes occur on the U.S. east coast, Edouard & Fran
  • 30 black churches are burned down in the South
  • First cloned sheep is born

Oct 1, 1996

  • The death of Mother Theresa & Princess Diana

Jul 1, 1998

  • Columbine school shooting
  • The Euro is introduced in Europe

Sept 04, 2001

  • The U.S. Stock Market declines
  • The Dot Com crashes
  • Enron exposed & collapses

November 16, 2002

  • Within a few months
  • USA invades Iraq – Gulf War II
  • U.S. national deficit soars

June 24, 2007

  • U.S. housing bubble bursts
  • U.S. subprime mortgage melt down
  • Collapse of U.S. & world financial institutions

September 27, 2007

  • Coalition war in Afghanistan continues
  • Benazir Bhutto is assassinated
  • Gaza conflict between Israel & Hamas
  • U.S. mortgage meltdown continued & worsens
  • U.S. banks look to government for bailouts
  • U.S. auto companies look for government bailout
  • Global recession worsens

Aug 05, 2011

  • Tension in the Middle East escalate –Arab Spring
  • Natural disasters increase in various parts around the world
  • Great economic crises continues in many countries
  • Global investment in markets fall worldwide

Nov 14, 2011

  • Redistribution of world wealth through austerity measures
  • Greece economy begins to crumble
  • Obama healthcare plan is approved

Jul 24, 2013

  • ???????

To summarize the themes of global events under the Star of David configuration include war, financial change, weather, social change, death, murder, and terrorism. Most of these events received months of global news attention and changed the path of human history. Why would the final Star of David configuration in our generation be any different? The situation in the Middle East is like a tight guitar string and one pluck — war will ensue. The racial climate in America has been inflamed based on media manipulation of the George Zimmerman trial and the not guilty verdict. The hearts of mankind are full of anger and suffering.

2 Timothy 3:1-5

3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

People find comfort in like minded groups which fuel misunderstanding and conflict leading to division. People claim to be spiritual but spread hate at the same time and love can never mingle with hatred. It is safe to say the world is a global power keg and social animosity is the fuse. How can the fruit of so much negativity be positive under the 13th configuration of the Star of David? We will have to wait and see.

What can we do as individuals during this last Star of David alignment? I would recommend prayer and meditation. Use this time to plant seeds in the spiritual ether for godly reasons like health, love, happiness, and protection from your enemies. Do you think it was a coincidence so many global events were launched under the Star of David alignment? Perhaps this is a window to guaranteeing the success of a plan?

If the Star of David works for a group of individuals and their plans it can work for an individuals plans. This time find a secluded place like a garden and select one or more of the Psalms which apply to every aspect of your life. Under this final Star of David alignment use it for yourself and use the spiritual ether so your needs will manifest in our dimension. How can you lose with The Most High on your side?

The Book of Psalms

  • PSALM 1 – True Happiness in God’s Law
  • PSALM 2 – A Psalm for a Royal Coronation
  • PSALM 3 – Threatened but Trusting
  • PSALM 4 – Trust in God
  • PSALM 5 – Prayer for Divine Help
  • PSALM 6 – Prayer in Distress
  • PSALM 7 – God the Vindicator
  • PSALM 8 – Divine Majesty and Human Dignity
  • PSALM 9 – Thanksgiving for Victory and Prayer for Justice (A)
  • PSALM 10 – Thanksgiving for Victory and Prayer for Justice (B)
  • PSALM 11 – Confidence in the Presence of God
  • PSALM 12 – Prayer against Evil Tongues
  • PSALM 13 – Prayer in Time of Illness
  • PSALM 14 – A Lament over Widespread Corruption
  • PSALM 15 – The Righteous Israelite
  • PSALM 16 – God the Supreme Good
  • PSALM 17 – Prayer for Rescue from Persecutors
  • PSALM 18 – A King’s Thanksgiving for Victory
  • PSALM 19 – God’s Glory in the Heavens and in the Law
  • PSALM 20 – Prayer for the King in Time of War
  • PSALM 21 – Thanksgiving and Assurances for the King
  • PSALM 22 – The Prayer of an Innocent Person
  • PSALM 23 – The Lord, Shepherd and Host
  • PSALM 24 – The Glory of God in Procession to Zion
  • PSALM 25 – Confident Prayer for Forgiveness and Guidance
  • PSALM 26 – Prayer of Innocence
  • PSALM 27 – Trust in God
  • PSALM 28 – Petition and Thanksgiving
  • PSALM 29 – The Lord of Majesty Acclaimed as King of the World
  • PSALM 30 – Thanksgiving for Deliverance
  • PSALM 31 – Prayer in Distress and Thanksgiving for Escape
  • PSALM 32 – Remission of Sin
  • PSALM 33 – Praise of God’s Power and Providence
  • PSALM 34 – Thanksgiving to God Who Delivers the Just
  • PSALM 35 – Prayer for Help against Unjust Enemies
  • PSALM 36 – Human Wickedness and Divine Providence
  • PSALM 37 – The Fate of Sinners and the Reward of the Just
  • PSALM 38 – Prayer of an Afflicted Sinner
  • PSALM 39 – The Vanity of Life
  • PSALM 40 – Gratitude and Prayer for Help
  • PSALM 41 – Thanksgiving after Sickness
  • PSALM 42 – Longing for God’s Presence in the Temple (A)
  • PSALM 43 – Longing for God’s Presence in the Temple (B)
  • PSALM 44 – God’s Past Favor and Israel’s Present Need
  • PSALM 45 – Song for a Royal Wedding
  • PSALM 46 – God, the Protector of Zion
  • PSALM 47 – The Ruler of All the Nations
  • PSALM 48 – The Splendor of the Invincible City
  • PSALM 49 – Confidence in God Rather than in Riches
  • PSALM 50 – The Acceptable Sacrifice
  • PSALM 51 – The Miserere: Prayer of Repentance
  • PSALM 52 – The Deceitful Tongue
  • PSALM 53 – A Lament over Widespread Corruption
  • PSALM 54 – Confident Prayer in Great Peril
  • PSALM 55 – A Lament over Betrayal
  • PSALM 56 – Trust in God
  • PSALM 57 – Confidence Prayer for Deliverance
  • PSALM 58 – The Dethroning of Unjust Rulers
  • PSALM 59 – Complaint against Bloodthirsty Enemies
  • PSALM 60 – Lament after Defeat in Battle
  • PSALM 61 – Prayer of the King in Time of Danger
  • PSALM 62 – Trust in God Alone
  • PSALM 63 – Ardent Longing for God
  • PSALM 64 – Treacherous Conspirators Punished by God
  • PSALM 65 – Thanksgiving of God’s Blessings
  • PSALM 66 – Praise of God, Israel’s Deliverer
  • PSALM 67 – Harvest Thanks and Petition
  • PSALM 68 – The Exodus and Conquest, Pledge of Future Help
  • PSALM 69 – A Cry of Anguish in Great Distress
  • PSALM 70 – Prayer for Divine Help
  • PSALM 71 – Prayer in Time of Old Age
  • PSALM 72 – A Prayer for the King
  • PSALM 73 – The Trial of the Just
  • PSALM 74 – Prayer at the Destruction of the Temple
  • PSALM 75 – God the Judge of the World
  • PSALM 76 – God Defends Zion
  • PSALM 77 – Confidence in God during National Distress
  • PSALM 78 – A New Beginning in Zion and David
  • PSALM 79 – A Prayer for Jerusalem
  • PSALM 80 – Prayer to Restore God’s Vineyard
  • PSALM 81 – An Admonition to Fidelity
  • PSALM 82 – The Downfall of Unjust Gods
  • PSALM 83 – Prayer against a Hostile Alliance
  • PSALM 84 – Prayer of a Pilgrim to Jerusalem
  • PSALM 85 – Prayer for Divine Favor
  • PSALM 86 – Prayer in Time of Distress
  • PSALM 87 – Zion the True Birthplace of Diaspora Pilgrims
  • PSALM 88 – A Despairing Lament
  • PSALM 89 – A Lament over God’s Promise to David
  • PSALM 90 – God’s Eternity and Human Frailty
  • PSALM 91 – Security under God’s Protection
  • PSALM 92 – A Hymn of Thanksgiving for God’s Fidelity
  • PSALM 93 – God is a Mighty King
  • PSALM 94 – A Prayer for Deliverance from the Wicked
  • PSALM 95 – A Call to Praise and Obedience
  • PSALM 96 – God of the Universe
  • PSALM 97 – The Divine Ruler of All
  • PSALM 98 – The Coming of God
  • PSALM 99 – The Holy King
  • PSALM 100 – Communal Thanks in the Temple
  • PSALM 101 – Norm of Life for Rulers
  • PSALM 102 – Prayer in Time of Distress
  • PSALM 103 – Praise of Divine Goodness
  • PSALM 104 – Praise of God the Creator
  • PSALM 105 – God’s Fidelity to the Promise
  • PSALM 106 – Israel’s Confession of Sin
  • PSALM 107 – God the Savior of Those in Distress
  • PSALM 108 – Prayer for Victory
  • PSALM 109 – Prayer of a Person Falsely Accused
  • PSALM 110 – God Appoints the King both King and Priest
  • PSALM 111 – Praise of God for Goodness to Israel
  • PSALM 112 – The Blessings of the Just
  • PSALM 113 – Praise of God’s Care of the Poor
  • PSALM 114 – The Lord’s Wonders at the Exodus
  • PSALM 115 – The Greatness of the True God
  • PSALM 116 – Thanksgiving to God Who Saves from Death
  • PSALM 117 – The Nations Called to Praise
  • PSALM 118 – Hymn of Thanksgiving
  • PSALM 119 – A Prayer to God, the Lawgiver
  • PSALM 120 – Prayer of a Returned Exile
  • PSALM 121 – The Lord My Guardian
  • PSALM 122 – A Pilgrim’s Prayer for Jerusalem
  • PSALM 123 – Reliance on the Lord
  • PSALM 124 – God, the Rescuer of the People
  • PSALM 125 – Israel’s Protector
  • PSALM 126 – The Reversal of Zion’s Fortunes
  • PSALM 127 – The Need of God’s Blessing
  • PSALM 128 – The Happy Home of the Just
  • PSALM 129 – Against Israel’s Enemies
  • PSALM 130 – Prayer for Pardon and Mercy
  • PSALM 131 – Humble Trust in God
  • PSALM 132 – The Covenant between David and God
  • PSALM 133 – A Vision of a Blessed Community
  • PSALM 134 – Exhortation to the Night Watch to Bless God
  • PSALM 135 – Praise of God, the Ruler and Benefactor of Israel
  • PSALM 136 – Hymn of Thanksgiving for God’s Everlasting Love
  • PSALM 137 – Sorrow and Hope in Exile
  • PSALM 138 – Hymn of a Grateful Heart
  • PSALM 139 – The All-knowing and Ever-lasting God
  • PSALM 140 – Prayer for Deliverance from the Wicked
  • PSALM 141 – Prayer for Deliverance from the Wicked
  • PSALM 142 – A Prayer in Time of Trouble
  • PSALM 143 – A Prayer in Distress
  • PSALM 144 – A Prayer for Victory and Prosperity
  • PSALM 145 – The Greatness and Goodness of God
  • PSALM 146 – Trust in God the Creator and Redeemer
  • PSALM 147 – God’s Word Restores Jerusalem
  • PSALM 148 – All Creation Summoned to Praise
  • PSALM 149 – Praise God with Song and Sword
  • PSALM 50 – Final Doxology

In closing, this final generational Star of David alignment cycle is an opportunity for us to allow spiritual laws to manifest in our lives. For too long we have let secret societies manipulate the future of our society. We have been distracted by the illusion of news and entertainment fused together to keep us seeking gossip, sex, drugs, and material pleasure. We have seen a pattern under the Star of David alignment where war, financial change, weather, social change, death, murder, and terrorism materialized — all fall under the umbrella of negative intentions.

What will happen when positive intentions are planted in the spiritual ether? I hope you choose your Psalms on this day and you pray or meditate. We have all been apart of a spiritual war, some knowingly but most unknowingly. It is time to focus on the inner-kingdom within and love ourselves. The manipulators of this earth are using the same God given laws against us. It is time to get off the bench and get into the game.

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One of our readers just alerted us to the fact some of the events in the Star of David timeline are not accurate. We used this timeline from another source we quoted and you can click the link where it says “source.” We are working to correct it at this time. It does not change the fact the other events are correct.

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