Prince William,Royal Births,and Cosmic Connections

Prince William,Royal Births,and Cosmic Connections

The world is transfixed on the future birth of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate’s first born child. Prince William’s birth on June 21, 1982, was celebrated by the world as the beloved Grail Princess Diana of Wales, produced a male heir and the future King of the storied Royal dynasty. The least discussed aspect of his birth in the media was the cosmic backdrop to the royal progeny.

Prince William was born under a rare solar/lunar eclipse and at the time of his birth the Sun intersected the Galactic Plane.  He is also a Silver Gate baby which has an ancient connection to the dimensional exit of the gods, angels, fallen angels, or spiritual beings. It has been said labor was induced so he would be born under this specific alignment. I was amazed to see the Sun in the Galactic Plane for his birth and stunned to see he is a Silver Gate birth.

Cosmic alignment of June 21, 1982 at the time of Prince William’s birth

Do you realize how rare it is to be born under a solar/lunar eclipse? Let alone the Sun perfectly intersecting the Galactic Plane at the time of your birth?

With that being said we can easily make spiritual connections with his birth. The Silver Gate is the backdoor out of the Heavens and it is where spiritual beings exit. Why was labor induced to ensure he was born with these specific alignments? Did a spiritual entity merge with Prince William when he was born? What was the hospitals alignment with this star configuration? It is critical to understand the Galactic Plane was known and accepted as the home of the gods in many ancient cultures.

There appears to be a coordinated effort by the royal family to orchestrate earthly events in conjunction with rare cosmic canopy. On April 29, when Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding ceremony was unfolding at Westminster Abbey, two rare and cosmic events aligned overshadowing the earth. The Moon and five planets aligned one side of the Sun, forming a “royal crown” or “ballet of planets” on the cusp between the astrological houses of Aries and Pisces. You must agree there is a mystery to these rare cosmic alignments and the royal family.

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate will give birth to a son (our prediction at Revelation Now under the Star of David alignment) and he will most certainly be born during the Star of David alignment. I have no evidence to prove labor is being induced to line-up with rare cosmic formations but I believe it is surely possible. The royal child will certainly share a rare cosmic history with the parents wedding and Prince William’s birth. The baby is certainly passed 38 weeks gestation and can be born safely at anytime. Are the royals planning the birth in conjunction with the Star of David alignment? Would it not be synchronistic if the male child is also named — David?

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