Fallen Angels Descending LOWER: July 2013

Fallen Angels Descending LOWER: July 2013

July 2013 has been a busy month for UFO a.k.a. “fallen angels” and looks like being caught on film is the goal. I can not stop correlating the Mayan Prophecy of the “return of the gods” after December 21, 2012, with all of this “UFO” activity. These conspicuous sightings are being captured by amateur videographers around the world and not by the mainstream media. Why does the mainstream avoid these sightings?

Compilation of “UFO” footage for the month of July 2013

There are many new strange discoveries with these orbs of light including clouds which spontaneously change their shape! It almost appears as if the clouds are alive. These “fallen angels” are descending lower and one day they will land to walk amongst us. What is the point of “them” revealing themselves in such a manner to the public? It is to desensitize the human population to the reality of their existence. We should not be surprised because these same “UFO” were embodied in art throughout the centuries. Meaning they were universally accepted as a part of our reality.

“UFO” captured throughout history in cave art and frescos

These are timeless beings which stand outside of time. This means they are in fact from another dimension. These beings are from another world where they never age and are not made of the same material of man. Although they can materialize in our dimension they are able to live in both worlds. These worlds could be in the process of merging which could mean no more hiding.

One of the strangest discoveries in the compilation video is a pyramid constructed in Area 51. Pyramid technology is ancient and they are scattered around the earth. What is the point of having one at Area 51? It appears ancient and modern reality are being merged together and it sounds down right biblical. Jesus was asked what will be the sign of his return, he replied, “It will be like the days of Noah.” What made Noah’s day distinct from any other time was the fact, the Nephilim walked amongst us.

Isaiah 46:10

Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure

We appear to be transitioning to a time where this will be a reality and many people will be fooled by the intentions of these beings. How will you know which beings to trust and to support? According to the Bible we are dealing with ancient things not yet complete and discernment is key to survival. All I know is these “fallen angels” are becoming bolder much like a vampire who gains the ability to walk in daylight. Keep your hearts pure and your eyes on the sky because we are not in Kansas anymore.

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